Hi guys my name is Abby and where they sorry Nutcracker, and we got these at the thrift store for like a dollar yeah hi guys so today we have our DIY or buy Gift Guide yet you guys want to basically basically a Gift Guide yeah you wanted some advice on what to get different people in your life for Christmas.

So we put together some of the really cool things happening this year along with DIYs that are on our blog. Because every year I’m just like go look at our DIY. But you know we kind of like we want to direct people in the right direction yeah and all the links will be below will link to products or our posts or whatever we’re talking about here. So we will have a place to go into this post and hopefully get some presents yeah so today I’ll be telling you some options that you can DIY for your friends and family and I’ll be giving you some buy options some really cool things you can get in stores for your friends family as well so first category is your friends your sisters your cousins anyone kind of like around that age range I guess and obviously this varies for everybody.


But here are some ideas our first DIY idea is a geometric terrarium, if you guys haven’t seen this post it’s definitely one of my favorites yes we’re so proud of how it turned out and it’s just using picture frames from the thrift store and some glue and it looks amazing it looks amazing and everyone will guarantee plumbing so my a buy alternative for your friends sister whatever is one of the adult coloring books that are so trendy right now you can get these in almost any book store ever yeah and they’re an awesome present. Because they can pretty much use them all year round. And I’m so turn to you right now yes I don’t like some of our favorite outlet coloring book themed books below for you yeah definitely another DIY option is our copper pipe DIYs we have a light some handle pulls and necklace jewelry hold the necklace Julie holder was just honestly like so easy like holy this is a go-to last-minute, if you need one yeah it costs you like five dollars it will take you five minutes okay so our next buy option is a Sephora sampler pack so how these work is you have to give someone a sample pack of an item whether it be perfume or mascara and they get to try open two brands of that and then in the end they get to go into the store and get a full-size version of whatever one was their favorite so it’s perfect you want to get people like an option. But you don’t to give them a gift card.

Because that’s a little impersonal sometimes this is the best way for someone to try everything and then end up getting something they really like in the end ya know that another DIY idea is our blanket scarf we love the way these turned out super eat again just like so easy pretty cheap looks so expensive it’s so expensive and you can also like bang them out for everybody oh wait I hear you go like a scarf for you for you over you a scarf you guys go and our last buy option is a portable phone charger these have seriously gone down a price over the years and really super expensive. But they’re totally affordable now and honestly I don’t can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t need this you don’t want this you can get them in a whole bunch of cute styles now on to colors and they’re just great you have that friend that you know the toys on their phone and their battery is always dead I’m looking at myself for this yen um and you can never have too many extra batteries with you so this is a great gift so moving on to our boy friend brother cousin option our first DIY is a concrete iPhone dock or a phone dock, if you guys haven’t seen this post of ours I turned out amazing and especially guys that come over they’re always like this is so cool like wait this is actual cement yes yes it is so it’s definitely a great idea, if you want to pump her down and figure out how to make that concrete I phone down yes so our first buy option is also DIY. Because we can’t just not have DIYs everything that we do um you can get DIY kits that are how to make different things like there is a hot sauce making kind of scene or there’s a DIY beer made um kick pretty much anything that your guys into I’m sure there’s a DIY kit and that lets them do that like the gift that keeps on giving. Because they get to just use it and it’s so much fun and you can maybe do it together as like appalling yes yeah there’s kids on everything in their walks fun what Becky’s favorite DIYs is the neon sign and this one we’re trying to think of our DIYs that are unisexual and this one definitely is so the neon sign make it in their favorite quote or their favorite saying or yellow and you doesn’t have a great gift for a guy in your life so our next buy option is not an actual item it’s more of an activity and these are getting him like a gift card or ticket to like anything that’s like axe-throwing or like a raid room this might be something that your guy would love they’re really fun and you can do them together and you probably didn’t really think of trying I know it’s something that people don’t even know that exists I tell people they’re like wait that’s the thing and that’s awesome ah many guys out there like to hit the gym, and we have a DIY gym bag on our blog, and we did it in pink.

But you maybe want to do it in a different color and pretty simple grab some fabric got some string like two stitches and your Deezy. So I check out the G up do I’ve do bag on our blog and our last buy option is any sort of phone accessory that’s cool I know they have a lot of like camera lenses that you put on your iPhone’s already like car accessories or clear foam like a GPS holder or anything like that is amazing and everyone will appreciate that I know everyone’s so into their phones these days so finding cool ways to make that even better it will definitely impress people so this is our mother / grandmother / aunt category and our first DIY option is our coloring book pillow we did a post on this it’s using that adult coloring book that we were just talking about coloring it and putting it onto a pillow so make sure you check out that post and our bye option is to do a sort of like more luxurious planet or calendar I know a lot of moms are really into being organized in planning their families. So you can get a nice leather-bound one or look at gold one I’m sure they really appreciate that book stores nowadays come really nice especially indigo they have like a paper section and all this stuff is so nice. And I want who doesn’t love the gift of relaxation of we have a do i bathtub on our blog they could be expensive, if you buy them in store.

But they’re super easy to make and super cheap, if you do them yourself and you can definitely customize it, if your mom has like a favorite scent whether it’s vanilla or fruity customize it and make it for your loved one and our buy option is really just a great pair of slippers models always walk around the house doing things. And I know she would really appreciate a pair of just nice slippers it’s something that you don’t think about buying for yourself. Because it’s just so obvious I don’t have them yet have a nice pair. So you can get like a nice leather faux leather or like a nice fully lined pair ya know your mom would really appreciate that or aunt or grandmother grandma this one’s so good this is actually a great one for your mother or grandmother and it’s our blanket ladder so it’s this nice rustic wooden ladder that you can hang your blankets on imme even how GOI blanket so, if you just want to do the blanket you can also just do that.

But make sure you check it out. Because I actually really this is a great idea it’s such a good idea and our buy idea is month sometimes have everything. But it’s really awesome to give her an experience of something that you guys can do together. So we’re gonna be awesome, if you got her like a gift certificate to a nail salon you guys gonna have like a nail day or you just take her out shopping or you get her like pay for dinner go to dinner again movie tickets some of you guys can do together I know she’d really appreciate that as long as we get so busy we don’t spend enough time with our family.

So that can be an awesome gift and our last category is your dad’s your Grandpa’s and your uncle’s um so our first DIY option is a bar cart and whether they’re into lots of candy like my grandma or drinking maybe that cocktail CC coke you can DIY a bar cart and also you know stop it – exactly and our buy option is a foam wallet so this is the great greatest gift for a guy who doesn’t like to care about a lot of things they just want to connect and concise they’re carrying experiences um so what this is is it’s basically a phone case that doubles as a wallet and has slots for cards yeah my boyfriend has one we go anywhere and all the guys are with you compliments like where did you get that it’s like the version of being like oh my goodness your person I didn’t get that I know any man would appreciate this and, if you guys didn’t already make our Father’s Day H glass for Father’s Day well then now is the time to make it it’s a simple glass that you can customize and etch on using etching cream make sure you check out the tutorial it’s like really interesting, when we first learned how to fetch it was very cool yeah and our buy option is a subscription box this is perfect for really anyone. But especially for the person you don’t know what to get yeah I’m subscription boxes come and literally anything ever and what it is is just a box that gets sent to you monthly with things in it so it can be like I assume a letter like neat themed you can get to meet send yeah every week I’m sorry every month there’s ones that are like different hot sauces different beers really anything that you know someone’s into and they want to try new things of that type yeah Christian boxes are absolutely perfect where you see them in the beauty world exactly they definitely exist for like every aspect of life oh yeah another good idea for anyone veg travel is a DIY luggage tag we also have the DIY passport holder either of those great options the leather makes it like expensive ok another yeah level. But again all of our day eyes are pretty simple and you can whip that one up for the traveler in your family and our last buy option it goes along what I was saying about getting your mom an experience it’s also your dad experience they love to hang out with you I’m so some really awesome experiences you can get our escape rooms we definitely have those here in Toronto I’m sure they’re everywhere else too yeah and it’s just kind of an hour long like kind of mind game thanks clue or like it’s like yeah real life ooh it’s very fun another awesome idea we thought of is like everyone’s dad has that old band they still love. But really isn’t tuned too much anymore.

But what they might be doing that you don’t know of is touring yeah I’m doing small town kind of shows yeah so like with just one member of the band exactly at like a smaller bar casino or not like they’re not filling out you know the big stadiums anymore. But your dad would love to see them again so sure look into things that your dad used to like or still does like that might still be happening now and you can go or hurt or father or grandpa anyone anyway and so we’ve kind of just categorized these gifts according to what the people in our lives would like. But really, if you think this gets it work for a different person then go do that they’re all great ideas for anyone really yeah all right. So we hope you guys like this Gift Guide and could save more ideas on our blogs are so many DIY ideas on our blog as well as new Christmas posts that are specifically dedicated to Christmas DIY ideas so, if they haven’t already come out they are coming out soon so comment and, if you like this post make sure you like it and, if you love it make sure you stop and we’ll see you next time bye guys you.

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