Hey my name is Abby know where the scigirls whatever is a it’s Jonas Damon and Jo and this is a collab you guys asked for travel hacks and DIYs. So we teamed up with one of our favorite travel do is of all time Damon and Jo tell them what’s up Damon Jo hey bad girls we were there with you in your beautiful studio we’re in an air B&B inspectors Brown the road Raleigh Road we have a Travel blog we make posts in three different languages stays and English fries and French Sundays in Portuguese wait hold on we need to switch positions ah yeah. Because I’m a little dark. So we posted a post on our blog with $20 in New York and 20 Canadian dollars in Canada and Toronto so that’s over in our blog since we have a Travel blog we know a lot about travel hacks we know how to cheat the system yeah we do we do we do not in a bad way.

But like we know how to basically make our lives a little easier running a smarter share four of those tips with you today stay tuned we are we starting this no they should they should start they have more hacks and DIYs that’s true guys throw it back to you you start this you’re gonna be traveling with one of these things your phone’s your smartphone’s, if you have an iPhone make sure you download Find My Phone I think it’s already on your phone and activate it before you even leave another tip is, if you’re wanting to call your family and friends and you’re gonna avoid you know the million dollars per minute every time you call download whatsapp. But here’s the thing you need to download it before you actually leave your home country. Because it’s gonna ask for an SMS verification so, if you’re abroad and you’re trying to download whatsapp you won’t ever get the confirmation SMS. Because you don’t have service in the first place you’re on Wi-Fi get it another tip your location services work even, if you don’t have served it.

So that blue dot on your maps that shows you where you are you can use that to navigate your way even, if you’re in the middle of nowhere. Because your phone knows where you are all the time and the last tip download this app genius skin and skin in all of your important documents your tickets and have it in one place it’s a free app. And I use it all the time I that’s where I keep most of my information. So that I don’t have to be carrying around paper samples like who’s scanning and printing and copying I have it all right here neck rest can be a huge lifesaver on long flights.


But honestly like they’re not they’re not really cute they’re kind of weird-looking. But we’re here to fix that problem start with an old or thrifted sweater and our neck rest template link below PS sponsors gets this template for free links are down below click that sponsor. But we seem ripped off the front pocket of the Sutter so it wouldn’t be in the way pin the template to the body of the sweater and cut it out go through both layers. So you have two pieces place your two pieces together with the nice sides facing in so all the way around the edge of the fabric.

But make sure you leave a gap a few inches long at the top. So that we can stuff it later and flip it inside out flip your pillow inside out and then step away with some pillow stuffing pants up the gap to complete your pillow now to add some chill factor to this pillow cut the hood off the sweater and make sure to cut it open, if it’s connected at the front find the center of the hood and pin it to the middle of the pillow to hold it in place flip everything upside down and use fabric glue to glue the edge of the hood along the inside curve of the neck pillow alright let this dry don’t forget to remove the pin and your neck pillow hoodie is complete okay also guys here’s an extra little hack okay I love my neck pillow on flights. But I hate that I just like trudged it around the airport and like, when I lay my head on it I’m like oh this is so gross okay, if you got your hoodie on look like I don’t touch the neck pillow and like the inside of your hoodie is never gonna get grossed up so super duper hack DIY tip David here okay. So you may be thinking about throwing out those old bottles from all your different products don’t.

Because here’s what you can do this is something that’s a little silly. But actually it really works so, if you’re on the beach and you need to hide you money there anywhere you need to hide your money don’t just throw it in your wallet. Because everyone knows that a wallet is where the money is you need to put your money where your mouth you know I’m just kidding you can put your money in something that is conspicuous so people don’t know that your money’s in here so this I guess they’re got some cleanser to go through. But these these glycolic wipes or did me any good anyway you’re gonna throw your money in here now as long as you don’t forget does this look like my money pouch that’s a pretty sweet hack.

But we have a DOI that works amazingly for this as well this is a really good DIY to keep all your money or tickets or passport safe, when you’re out and about traveling so for this you’ll need an infinity scarf and a zipper try to get a zipper that’s the same color as your scarf to make this extra undetectable spread out one part of the scarf so it lays flat open the zipper and lay it about an inch and a half in from the edge of the scarf fold the scarf over the fabric side of the zipper to cover it nicely and then pin it in place next push in your scarf. So you can easily pin the other half of the zipper to the opposite side using the same technique we just did use a sewing machine or hand sew the scarf to the zipper along the lines we just pinned once you do up the zipper you can see we’ve basically made a tube with the side of the scarf pin and sew two straight lines down from either end of the zippers to complete the hidden pocket seriously no one’s gonna have any clue that you’re hiding anything secret or important in this super stylish scarf I mean check this out Oh what in my scarf My Passport what wait there’s more credit cards some some coinage seriously guys I’m Mary Poppins with this scarf here this is the best thing we’ve ever made it’s great this is a disaster which. Because I don’t think that people pack bag on you first thing don’t pack like this don’t fold each thing and just place it there please look at how much space this is take me up you don’t want to do that sorry that’s my dirty sock mmm so am i under again I have a lot of underwear we should all have underwear right Joe does it this is just the lane technique lay it lay it lay it flat lay it straight next one lay it lay it flat lay it straight look how much less space this is taking up you can smash it down it’s like you’re already at the bottom of the bag another reason this technique is popular is. Because you can just look at your clothes like this and then be like oh that’s the one I want and then throw it back in and you got your shirt pants are simply fold at one time one leave it a little bit hanging out and then I mean like all the blogs say to go the other way like this and then you go like this and then eventually don’t fold in and fold out you make a sandwich look at that I could fit 75 more things in here daven buddy what’s up with all those dirty underwear and socks flying all over your suitcase you need this next DIY there’s nothing like some dirty underwear or socks or pants or whatever ruining a suitcase full of clean clothes.

So we’re gonna help you with that you’re gonna start with a large piece of fabric and fold it in half cut a rectangular shape with a fold at the bottom fold over the top edge and pin it down to create a tube flip it over and do the same on the other top side so a single straight line across where we pinned on both sides now pin together the bag at the sides so these up with a basic straight stitch be careful not to sew over the top tubes that we just created we don’t want to close those up now you can flip the bag inside out and sewing is complete so easy right so easy drink the drawstrings cut two pieces of rope or ribbon as wide as your bag, when folded in half loop the ropes through both of the top tubes making sure the ropes start from opposite sides protip taping the rope to a pencil makes it a lot easier to thread through once they’re both looped through tie the ends together all right this is where you can get creative by adding something like little beads or writing wash me on the front use this to store your dirty clothes and save the rest of your clean clothes in your suitcase next travel hack ladies especially, if you’re traveling with hair cream, if you’re traveling with shampoos conditioners soaps you’re probably gonna be like me and walking around with the tub looking like this this is a little exaggerated. But I literally travel with this thing and what people don’t know is, when you’re traveling with liquids, if you’re like me they’ll probably spill in your suitcase so how do you avoid that and how do you prevent the damage first of all you wrap it up in a plastic bags these are all recyclable like don’t throw your plastic bags in travel these are gold basically go to your trash can right now I just salvaged everything you can. Because you’re gonna need all of it at one point so, when you’re packing big liquids remember one thing put them at the bottom where the wheels are. Because, if this baby explodes mid-flight you never know these things happen at least it’ll fall down.

Because of gravity and you won’t fall like imagine, if this were up here all your clothes would be ruined, if it exploded. So we’re gonna prevent that and we’re gonna put this baby to body liquids at the bottom so speaking of liquids that make a huge mess this DIY is gonna help you out with that plus it’s such an affordable DIY to make which is great, if you’ve spent all your money on plane tickets feel like you guys have done start with some sealable food bags look for ones with a strong a zipper seal next pick up some duct tape of your choice they have so many fun colors and patterns wrap the bag in duct tape we even did above the seal for added design the duct tape makes these bags way more durable and less likely to rip or leak any liquids we added some labels to the bags using sticker letters the best part about these is that. Because they’re so easy and so affordable to make, if over time they do get kind of gross and dirty it’s whatever just make more and you can do them in any size. Because these little baggies come in so many sizes too which is great so in here I got on my baby shampoo bottles and whatnot caris for all the expensive perfumes I don’t own.

So that wraps up our travel DIYs. But I know Damon and Jo have one more hack for you guys so back at you back in the bathroom. Because we’ve got more tips in here okay everything in your suitcase everything you’re carrying around while you’re traveling takes up space takes up weight things like vitamins so these are two of my vital milk this one’s gotta have Bo. But I don’t need both of these containers so what I do.

And I don’t know how this affects like the properties of the vitamin. But I mean you can already see I mix my vitamins in there cuz then you only take one container set it to I just take this. And I’m done the end. But there’s more space-saving travel hacks so things like concept cases I used to do this one here’s the thing or travel hacks I feel like some of them are like a little exaggerating this one’s a little exaggerated.

But maybe don’t use it say I have this skin product. But I don’t want to take this whole skin product I only need a little bit so use your little contact case and you put your cream in there got your AM and PM look and then you could take this on the air. But then you’re like do that skin care thing where you’re like speaking of contact lenses you can also instead of taking this huge thing or, if you don’t have the mini travel size before your flight I always do that see most people probably I pre pre wet the lenses pre white the container that about rounds up our post on some travel hacks and DIYs I think that’s it that’s all did you know these travels yeah why is travel hacks, if you know any more comment them below and don’t forget to click in the description box to watch the post we posted on our blog with on their blog we showed you how far we could take $20 in Toronto and they show how far they could take $20 in New York City that’s the post that’s on our blog we’re gaming to Joe we’ll see you next time thank you guys so much for reading, if you are over here from Damon and Joe’s blog hello welcome and comment, if you liked it make sure that you like this post and, if you love it make sure you stuff it well see you next time I’m bad girls.

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