Say say say hi guys it’s Abby minutes Becky and with and today we have some tips on how you could style a room to make it look more magazine worthy have you ever been like hmm my room doesn’t look as good as these ones about magazines exactly I put so much design effort into it.

But something just isn’t right we have those like little tips that you might have not thought of that you can do to just like take it from s to like ah that’s nice yeah exactly all the little tips and tricks we show you also have items that we either DIY or we bought online and it’s actually a really cool way you guys can actually make money from buying things online we’ve got all these items through Ebates da and it’s a site that just gives you cash back on things you’d be buying anyways which is amazing and this post is in collaboration with and sponsored by ebay saucier so thanks guys thanks guys all right on to the mini room makeovers so, if you guys have a wall like we do that kind of doesn’t have a full purpose, when you look at it you’re kind of like what’s going on here you can make a gallery wall out of the entire wall. So we have a mirror and a whiteboard and we’re going to add some picture frames to make the whole thing like a cohesive focal point of the room let me just bring in all my friends. So we got these guys from indigo indigo has some great selection and not too expensive and very neat we love how they’re kind of like a little bit different oh and our 100,000 commentr play button and the tip we have is to actually make templates out of all these frames with either newspaper or some scrap paper. So that you can place those up on the wall before you start nailing or drilling it’s measure will align once drill plan twice drill.


So I actually cut out every single one of our frames that we want to put up on this wall I love some crappy for that so let’s start mocking them in call it wishful thinking or call it jinxing ourselves. But we’re hoping to reach a million commentrs soon, and we know that you get a million commentr play buttons. So we’re leaving a spot for it I all might sound crazy. But I think it’s just like good vibes I think this is funny so now that we’ve mocked them in Becky.

And I agree we think this will look good. But now we’re going to get to hanging the pictures so everyone knows, if you want a room to look nice and styled basically just clean it. But sometimes that’s easier said than done especially for things that you’ve kind of actually need out like it’s awesome salt and pepper shaker I’m actually going to use this a lot. So I can’t really put it away.

Because that’s just silly so one of the easiest ways to fake organize is to just get a tray to put everything in and it looks so clean and tidy so here’s this amazing giant white train from the bay that we’re going to just stack everything in and it’s gonna look so clean organized here’s a simple fix that I’m not going to break the bank, if you have anything lying around that you just don’t love and it’s not adding to the space like definitely replace it especially these like tea towels here they’re kind of old they’re definitely hand-me-downs. But don’t worry mom is not going to be upset, if you replace these with something fun they’re going to be your kitchen so much more like and you’re gonna love it so these guys are from the bay and how fun and cute are they and they’re in our colored color tones that we’re going for which is important to keep in mind like the Browns and the Greens. So we’re going to replace these with these guys and a kitchens gonna look so much better have a room that’s feeling a little bit stale sometimes a plant can bring so much to room to make it feel more alive and fresh so try putting a plant in really wherever they’ll do so much for you and even, if real plans aren’t your thing fake plants are totally an okay option we even DIY these ones and you can to link below so similar to the way we stacked everything in the kitchen on a tray you can stack other things including this boat birth row which we DIY, if you stack it on a chair it makes it look a little bit more stylish and purposeful and, if we go over here although all of these things look kind of cute on their own, if we stock them all together it now looks like a purposeful mess that’s anchored by the bottom book this might seem super obvious. But, if anything to your eye is like cluttered and not plain just get rid of it hide it there’s ways to do this guys this stuff not cute I don’t like it we’re gonna put it away while we’re here um another really good tip is to change out your knobs I know you guys have probably heard this before, if you guys remember in my bedroom makeover we switched out the knobs on my dresser.

Because I didn’t want to repaint it or anything so it’s a super easy thing you can do and boy does it make a difference so let’s get rid of these old little guys that we took from like something else oh my god we took these from the dresser and let’s put on some cute ones and apologies and of course we did our research before we did this post, and we read it you should have one weird thing and like this was kind of just obvious to us. But we never really actually thought about it. So we’re gonna throw in some of our Dino planters which we made which are so cute. But also weird one thing people always forget, when designing room is floors don’t forget your floors we’re adding two rugs around our space to make it seem much more interesting boring floors equals boring rooms guys this amazing rug came from the Drake general store in this huge room our couch got a little lost and didn’t feel like it had a proper space.

But by adding erotic roots and room within a room and lastly pillows everyone’s heard this before pillows can make a space sometimes are tricky though too much it was cluttered too little looks sparse a good tip to remember is stick to a pallet. But also mix textures so the ones we have today this guy’s DIY this guy’s DIY it this little flat and this one’s fluffy just is DIY as well I this one we got from Anthropologie this one’s nice. Because the knit so it offers a new texture. But again all the same white gold tone I look how I’m using our coach Willis I thank you guys so much for reading this post we practically just gave you an office tour an unofficial official officer who might be doing one later anyway so stay tuned for that, if you guys liked any of the things we mentioned say and you want to put any these tips and tricks tips and tricks tips and tricks into action we have a link for you below to sign up to Ebates Toxie a totally for free and there’s even a five dollar bonus, when you do sign up which i think it’s like you make money before even start shopping you make money before you’re about to make money it’s honestly a win-win.

Because you get to shop her amazing home decor or whatever you want make up anything from the ebay sasuke’s stores and make money while doing it things you would do at a shop for anyways also thank you guys up here we have a giveaway for a $100 gift card to use through ebay saucier on some of your favorite stores all I have to do is look around the Ebates dot see a website and tell us what decor item you’d like to get what store it’s from and what room space you’d ideally use it in to make this amazing room Renault we will go ahead and choose the original combination this contest is open to North American residents ends June 25th and all the details are always below we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with, if you like this post make sure that you like it and, if you love it make sure you sub it.

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