Hi guys we are the scigirls and today we are bringing you a little bit of a different post we’re in a different location. Because we have a really exciting thing to talk to you about today yes we’re at our friend’s rent frock repeat it is like a dress rental company in Canada, and we want to show you guys a post on decoding the dress code to wedding so people received a wedding invitation in the mail it tells you what you should wear and you’re like what does that mean yeah – we’ll business capital like country chic well we are here today to help you guys understand those main dress codes that you may see on a wedding invitation and give you some ideas of things that you could wear and a huge tip that just encompasses all weddings is maybe try renting your dress we definitely have both purchased dresses specifically for advanced and then you end up with a closet of nice dresses that you can’t really wear again. Because they don’t have an occasion you don’t want to double wear a dress right exactly so renting the dress is definitely the way to go you can get a really designer dress at the fraction of a price and you really only have to wear it once you have to worry about owning it forever so all the dresses we are wearing today are totally rentable, and we will have all the details for you guys in the description.


But the number-one rule of weddings is not to wear white everybody knows that. So we need to get out of these white dresses let’s go our first wedding dress code is the destination wedding or a wedding that might happen on a beach this dress is perfect. Because it’s a shorter option in the sleeves are sheer and loose enough to let some breathe in I love that the colors by perfectly with the blue and sand tones you might see at the beach and this jeweled necklace matches the blue tones as well and keeps my outfit looking fancy enough for a wedding. But at the same time a beach wedding is still pretty casual so a loose braid is perfect for relaxing my look and keeping it from getting tangled in the beachy breeze lastly don’t forget the potential force and so stiletto heels are probably not your friend here I’ve opted for some espadrille wedges that provide a flat bottom for walking on for my beach dress I’m showing you a floor-length option the maxi dress shape of this dress keeps it looking casual.

But the side slit keeps a little bit of glamour again the blue and gold tones will look great on the beach and the sleeveless aspect will keep you cool under the Sun don’t forget you may want to pack a shawl or a wrap for, when the Sun Goes Down since my feet are barely seen under this dress I’ve opted for some strappy flat sandals to make a sandy terrain no problem an easy way to incorporate a parade on short hair is to brave just the bangs it’s personally a favorite of mine our next category we’re labeling as country chic or some other modern spin on an outdoor wedding which seems to be the biggest trend these days this style is still fairly casual so I’m choosing this skirt and crop top options dresses don’t have to be the only option the tea lengths cut of this skirt bounce as well with the crop top to keep it looking appropriate I absolutely love the bright green of this top it’s perfect for any spring or summer weddings at a country chic wedding you might run into things like soggy grass or wood chip floors so heels might again not be the best choice these lace-up flats are a DIY of ours and pair amazing with the Navy in the skirt, if your outdoor wedding swings a bit more barnyard country cowboy boots are totally acceptable the gold and silver studs on these shoes help to elevate them to a wedding guests approved this red lace dress has a subtle flower pattern which is perfect for summer the ties on the back are gorgeous and are great, if your outdoor wedding runs a little warm semi-formal or cocktail is the most common dress code category you’ll encounter during wedding season this might take place in a church or a hall this dress has a fairly simple silhouette. But stands out with its amazing jeweled details definitely very Gatsby s this is a great choice. Because a floor-length ballgown might feel a little bit overdressed. But the beading and fringe will make sure you’re definitely not underdressed these crystal earrings pair perfectly with the jewels on the dress and the champagne heels fall in the same color palette with the mobis my semi-formal dress option is this black lace knee-length dress the nude fabric peeking through the lace keeps the black from looking too formal the high neckline is the perfect complement to the low back of this dress, if you’re one of those people who feel they just can’t pull off a tight bun like myself the half-up half-down option for hair is a great way to go it’s the perfect balance of relaxed and formal and, if tall heels aren’t your forte either kitten heels are totally back in trend this patent red kitten heel adds a pop of color to this otherwise monochrome look and it’s Comfort friendly I topped the whole look off with matching red lips.

And I’m ready to go our final category is the black tie which is the most formal dress code you might encounter besides the very rare white tie for the girl who isn’t a fan of the classic black ballgown I’m offering this sleek almost athletic inspired dress the dark color keeps it formal. But the purple halter cross strap keeps it moderate I set my hair back in a messy pony for a bit more pulled together look. And I love that I don’t have to accessorize too much with this dress. Because of the neckline for my black tie look I’m pulling out all the stops.

Because, when will I ever get to wear something this fancy again black tie doesn’t have to limit itself to strictly black this green color off-the-shoulder gown is stunning and actually quite comfortable don’t be afraid to go fancy for a black-tie wedding it’s always worse to be underdressed than overdressed a low bun with some loose strands adds the right amount of simple to this look the statement dressed with a gold bangle and some black strappy heels alright guys hope you guys liked our what to wear to a wedding ideas give it a thumbs up, if you found this information helpful at all and just like fun how great were those outfits. And I think they’re super trendy for 2018 and remember all the dresses that we tried on are totally rentable from rent frock repeat and get it delivered to your door, if you’re in Canada or you can come to the store and try them on like your little princess we actually found out about this places we had an event to go to and everyone was dressing really fancy and yeah we didn’t want to buy a thousand dollar trust no. So we just want to share this kind of life-changing idea with you guys that you can rent dress so please check it out there actually is a coupon code below, if you want to try any of these dresses for a little bit of a discount yeah or any other dresses on my property of so many amazing alright thank you guys so much for reading, if you like this post make moing aqua stalk person alright guys thank you so much for reading this post, if you liked it make sure you like it and, if you love it make sure you submit your question and let us know what the craziest wedding theme you’ve ever heard of down below. Because I’ve definitely heard of some wacky one someone was telling me that they got invited to a redneck wedding.

And I was like what what do you wear that’s crazy that’s not gold that’s not gold let us know below, and we will see you next time bye.

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