Wallpaper Interior Design Ideas

Wallpaper Interior Design Ideas

This may look like a daunting task but taking off wallpaper is not as hard as you may imagine. With the room empty, you do need to cover the floors to protect them from any dampness and also from slipping on wet wallpaper. For this task, you will need a bucket of warm soapy water, a sponge and a scraper. If your wallpaper is vinyl finished, there is a tool that you can use to grate the surface of the paper so that the water that you sponge onto the paper goes right through all layers. Ask at your hardware store as this is a very inexpensive item and you will use it a lot. After having scraped the surface of the paper, soak an area with soapy water and allow the water to penetrate. If you try removing the paper too soon, you will find it tough going, but if you wait long enough, this will peel off very easily. If one area isn’t ready to peel yet, work on another area, adding water so that you work in a rotation.

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When peeling off old wallpaper, some of it will come away in large chunks. Have waste disposal bags available and place these easy pieces into the bag straight away. In fact, when you peel paper, get used to binning the paper as you work, so that you do not cause areas to become slippery under where your steps have to stand.

You will find that the paper removes fairly easily, but that there will be little bits left behind. This is normal. When you have finished the whole room, go back over the walls with a clean damp cloth and use your scraper to remove these. They will become yellow when wet and you should be able to see them clearly. The reason it’s so important to remove all of the little bits is that they will show through whatever new wall covering you choose to use in the room.

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