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Have you considered using wallpaper in your space well I kind of think you should and I’m go on break down my top four tips of how to use wallpaper. So tip number one with wallpaper is I think there’s two categories is it that you’re go on be bold with it or are you go on be textural with it. So what this means is basically depending on what room you’re go on use it in and you’re also your style do you want a wallpaper that kind of matches the paint color if you do what that does is just add a more serene textured look to your space and it’s beautiful the other option is to make it bold and I love this as well and that’s making it a real focal point. So your first step if you’ve been thinking about wallpaper is to think are you wanting texture or are you wanting a focal point tip number two is I want to tell you where to put it because I think this is what holds. So many people back from actually purchasing wallpaper and putting it up is they’re just confused where to put it.

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So I’m go on show some of my favorite places a bathroom is a great place to put it because it doesn’t have to match anything and I think that’s a fun area to go bold in I love it in a bedroom behind the headboard is gorgeous a textural way I really love that behind your TV is a great way I’ve done this before where there’s these gigantic TVs and then to hide the TV or to make it look not as large we’ve put wallpaper and then I love awkward corners or hallways you know walls that just aren’t doing anything to be able to put wallpaper on them just adds fun personality texture and character to your mates tip number three is how much is this wallpaper go on cost me is a very common question I hear and really my answer is it can cut anywhere from I seen it about $30 a roll till probably close to $1,000 a roll. So it really ranges but the nice thing to know with that is you can get at various price points. So I think that if cost is a factor to it know that there are.

So many different places. So many different companies and big box retailers now really that are carrying wallpaper one cost to consider that sometimes we forget about MU make it that $30 roll of wallpaper is the installation of it. So it is something you can do yourself it’s not as difficult as it used to be but a lot of people do like hiring someone to do it. So that’s probably where more of your cost comes in when thinking about wallpaper and tip number four when adding wallpaper or maybe I should say why people don’t add wallpaper as I say me what if I changed my mind what if I don’t like it and I think we that were around in 80’s and 90’s have these visions of houses you know filled with wallpaper and you could not get it off it’s not the same the wallpaper you make now it can be removed it’s not completely simple but it’s pretty simple. So if you do change your mind and want to change up the wallpaper just like you want to change up paint it is possible. So if that’s holding you back again this isn’t the wallpaper the 80s it’s much easier now and it can be removed. So just to recap if you’re considering wallpaper is you either want to go bold or you want to go textural with it where to put it really anywhere bathrooms behind your headboard hallways are great places how much you can spend anywhere from I’d say like $30 a roll up and what if you change your mind don’t worry it’s not the wallpaper it used to be and it can be removed I think one of the other things that holds us back from choosing wallpaper is not knowing our style. So to help you out I’ve created a style guide with a little style quiz and I’ve linked to it below I hope you found this post helpful if you did I love it if you could like it make sure to comment to my channel and I’d love it if you could share it with your family and friends.

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