Classic hi everyone my name is Abby I’m with the scigirls we’re back doing another episode of thrift plan this time what’s our theme today we don’t really have a theme I think the plan is to go in and feel inspired by what’s in there praying that there’s good things today. Because it’s so hit or miss it’s always a struggle sometimes all right let’s go figure out what we get back easy buddy gave after-school TV show ever Arthur these could be cute, if we like made a quote out of them like how blocky there okay we’re back.

So we actually found a really cool item that kind of inspired this whole project and that is this vintage shuffleboard table and it’s in such good condition that we think we want to make like a table of it yeah so that’s how I picked up the glass we were hoping that we can make like a glass tabletop that you can take off and then, when you want to play you can play yeah so it works is like a credenza I was that close to the like a tall skinny table. Because we thought we should do probably more than one thing, if we were looking at other games toy themed things shuffleboard table yeah. So we are looking in the toy aisle, and we found these that are just like chunky block children’s letters yes. But the colors were just so fun they stood out to me like they’re not typical kids colors they’re like I don’t know it’s like more pastel.


But Sonne they’re cool and it’s like this is a vibrating outside I don’t even know how to describe it like that from block letters yeah it’s usually like a yellow or an orange color you know. So we’re gonna try to figure out something that we can make this is like start at the table. Because it probably will take us a much longer okay okay so the plan for this table is to put some tall legs on it and obviously the glass. But we will get to the glass last I think so.

Because it’s a bit thin we wanted to look like I guess substantial enough to be an actual table. So we want to add some size in here and that’s also gonna help us attach leg so I’m later. So we have this scrap MDF from who knows what project we use MDF all the time. And I think I’m just gonna measure out four pieces that fit in here two and a half inches down that will create like a nice little inch inner lip I guess and we’ll put the legs on after.

But let’s get to cutting those pieces first okay. So I have all four of the inside side pieces cut out of the MDF too long too short and then I also went ahead and cut the legs out these are just square dowels you can find them I think it’s in the deck I love the hardware store and these are 30 inches long that’s about as tall as the back my coaches so the next step is to paint this all we got this really fun like vintage you red color mixed up just a tiny little can. And I’m gonna paint that all red and then we can assemble and then to attach all these inside pieces to the sides we’re going to use a little bit of wood glue along the edge and then use these tiny little finishing nails to hammer it into the edge to hold it in place while time and forever okay so the legs are on everything is dry and even those Mouse’s over yet it’s looking really good so the last step is to take the glass from the picture frame that we bought and cut it to a nice tabletop size I think it’s a bit smaller than the length of this table. So we might have to make two pieces that sit beside each other.

But from the third store that’s not bad so let’s cut some glass Oh so after multiple attempts we weren’t able to cut our glass perfectly like I had hoped we have lots of pieces that look like this unfortunately we aren’t experts and everything we’ve never tried glasses this big I’m pretty confident cutting small pieces. But I guess big pieces we just aren’t there yet so what I would recommend, if you want to do something like this is to either get some help with the glass or just get Plexiglas from the hardware store it’s a bit expensive. But it’s a lot easier to deal with the one good thing is we actually decided that we like this random artwork that came in here so this one through no no this one thread store purchase wasn’t a total loss. But our table is still super super to you.

And I’m gonna show you that right now in these next shop for these blocks I think we’re going to do like some kind of cute stringy arts. But first we have to figure out what weird to spell I’m not gonna use these blocks sorry guys maybe we’ll use you later for something we’re just gonna stick to these really really cute letters what do you guys see comment below so the word we have chosen is two words chosen family with a little bit of some creative liberties with the spelling. But that’s okay it’s me really cute so the next step is we’re going to get a drill and drill holes through all of the letters. So that we can string a string through.

So I have all my letters with the holes drilled into them and now I’m going to do is string them on to this yarn I already tested this guy’s here Gus are with the first look at those so this is wrong I have my a macrame string type thing plus a taped ends that can fit through Plus this wire. So that I can pull it through, when the yarn tank was room. So I have my letters on my string and it’s looking early cute hopefully like we’re bridging that gap between adult and child’s and then the next step is to hot glue this string to my dowel here and then wrap it with a brewery thread to hide that glue line and there you have it some wall decor made out of children’s letters. And I think it’s like I don’t even know what the vibe is.

But, if you guys just like no you don’t this is like that five and even, if you like painted these all color like I likes these colors. But, if you painted it like like they’re all white or something it can be like super cute I just love the shape and, when in doubt baby mobile thank you much for reading this post guys I hope you’re loving this series we’ve been doing it for a while so there’s a lot of episodes to catch up once you haven’t seen let us know. Because I know we’re gonna do more of these little ones to do next time yeah what’s the theme sometimes we have a theme some knows me down, when it’s casually shout out the blog fan. Because they’re so closed and their decay on the blog blog and a lot of their behind this stuff seems that maybe doesn’t make it in these episodes and sit to the post blog so go check that out do that alright, if you guys like to see you make sure that you give it a like and, if you love it make sure you you.

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