Vintage Map Decorating Ideas

Vintage Map Decorating Ideas

The stripped pine sash windows and panelled window surrounds in this city bedroom help to create a clean, uncluttered feel. Their pale finish is emphasized by the milky whiteness of the limed floor, and is enhanced by the unlined calico curtains. Together, they provide a neutral background for the antique chair and bed.

Rusty metalwork requires a fair amount of preparation before it can be painted scrubbing down, cleaning, treating with rust killer and metal filler, and sanding. A little effort, however, pays dividends, and a smooth paint finish on a well-prepared surface can make once dilapidated metal frames look flawless.

Wood veneer and French-polished wood should never be cleaned in this way. Instead, use a specialist wood cleaner or, if the grime is superficial, wipe with a cloth dipped in a warm solution of water and malt vinegar, well wrung out so that it is barely wet. Wipe dry immediately.

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