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Varnishing a Door

Varnishing a Door

In beginning to varnish a door, the mouldings should first be done, then the flats of the panels. When all the panels have been done, the surrounding stiles may be coated. In varnishing the mouldings, as little material as possible should be allowed to invade the stiles and, where this does occur, care must be taken when we come to varnish those stiles to work up any varnish already on them into that then being applied. Otherwise, such parts will have a double thickness of varnish and present an unsightly appearance.

One other point may be mentioned here. Sometimes, in varnishing, particularly over a surface, which is somewhat oily or glossy, a trouble known as “cissing” is encountered.

In cissing, the varnish runs together in globules, much as water does on a greasy surface.

This can be prevented by vigorously leathering the work down with a damp chamois leather just before beginning to varnish. A mere trace of Fuller’s earth dissolved in the water with which the leather is damped will increase the effectiveness of this preventative measure.

Storing Varnish Brushes

Whereas it is sometimes permissible to store paint brushes, when not in use, in a vessel containing water, this course should never be adopted with brushes used in varnish. These should be suspended up to slightly over the whole length of bristle in either linseed oil, varnish or a mixture of these two liquids and the vessel should be covered with either a metal or paper lid to exclude dust.

Before being put back into varnish for use, the brushes will require well scraping on the side of the storage can, so as to remove any of the fluid in which they have been stored.

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