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Everybody call the trailer is back the music is set and now the DIY experience coming our way for Valentine’s Day yeah it’s coming up and I think that because it’s on a weekday a lot of people are go on celebrate this weekend. So you got to get your DIY you know action going on. So I’m here to help everybody oh no pun intended. So I’ve got three different went to Michael of course got three different diys i’m going to show you today but i want to show you that they all can go in a theme if you wanted to. So if you want to do like a breakfast in bed or like a dinner and bad or something it could go in an actual theme but these can also be given as in total yes because you put. So much work into this france you can get a close up look at this the napkin folded up this takes time this does is all in the details right there it’s all in the details. So yes. So the first one is a gift that again can be done on its own or for the breakfast of bed type theme or for friend or whatever.

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So all you need is a tray we might have a trade home you need decoupage and if this tray actually has a picture of my daughters on it you can’t see it right now but it’s something they would think it’s really special to give a gift on that yeah. So I thought I would get you started for Valentine’s Day for your wife of something special. So I found a picture a happy guy I’m smiling that. So we’re going to put smiley on the tray. So all you do spread some decoupage hmm on the tray just really roughly like this doesn’t need to be perfect cuz it all dries clear now you can put him where you want to put him okay right down here do you like this photo by the way okay I thought it was quite cute swelling was wholly no good dignitaries okay there’s someone to clean if its cold again and then you just put the decoupage over top you won’t do that you have smiling do this artworks just away everybody can see and we’re just laying this all over all over tops. So I know right now it looks like white but it will actually dry clear yep and then you’ve got a really nice super personable gifts something you can actually use and that means something k. So i’ll keep decoupaging you tell us about this one second one here love this little obsessed with this is these personalized candle.

So say you were doing a nice dinner imagine bringing out an actual heart candle. So I got a hole punch any heart hole punch of Michael’s and then I got colored beeswax and basically hole punched the beeswax oh you can see here to these little hearts and then what you want to do is in this is the blow dryer comes in you see top we heat it up and then we just put it on the candle and there you go and then the beeswax actually goes into one another and you’ve made yourself a personalized heart would you go exactly yeah this is very very special two more and one more the last one and this one could be done for kids instead of giving the Valentine’s that they throw away is you can get these little baggies I got at Michaels and what you can do is put things in them. So little notes or candy or whatever and I just use stamps you know little circles cut out some little glitter hearts and then the last one going along with the theme is we’ve got over here you know the bag where you give the gift. So everyone’s using reusable bags is get these reusable bags you can put the gift in here a little heart stencil I’ve got another DIY for you you just I chose bright pink paint a little pouncer here put a little paint on and just basically pounce step with stabbed away inside there inside the stencil and you make yourself a super cute specialized wrapping for your valentine that’s damn why let’s pull that up for France to tap the shots of the constraint your master members not done yet but but it will look really pretty like something like that you get the idea yeah we’re go on keep working away our art excellent ideas follow along on social and YouTube great posts with the DIY projects happy Valentine’s Day fantastic keep Ditka washing okay that’s good.

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