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As decor and design expert talking DIY valentine’s i love the idea of doing it yourself i gotta say on these homework all holidays yeah i think i’m still recovering from Christmas you know will the spending of Christmas. So I think let’s do some just simple diys here that you could give this weekend to your spouse to your friend to your neighbor grandma grandpa I did these all with my daughter my older daughter and. So they’re easy for the kids but I think nice for all age groups little goes a long way on Valentine’s Day for those who might be a little bit older or maybe lost a loved one when you can just go here here’s a beautiful look at this just beautiful to live in a little something or.

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So yeah. So I started out with them these Cupid arrows which are actually designed totally on trend right now these Cupid arrows. So what we did with these which we got a dowel stick right we got stickers stuck the stickers on either end of the dowel stick we use our washi tape because you must have washi tape in your world to wrap it around the dowel rama rama del you got a nice good show my girls crafts don’t store a scholar store and then put some feathers on top can we painted little gold tips if you want to get really really fancy or fabulous this needs to be cute like for kids to do and to give out like we said to neighbors or couple around not dangerous that’s your spiky not just biking want to step it up a notch right put it end up on a bag.

So put some candy in here tape the little dowel through the mare shot through the heart and that would be a cute little hostess this made my heart explode speaking of hearts france and you’re going to shot at that do you remember i am of a certain vintage doing these in school this is one of the few things i was actually good that’s when I say DIY for the non DIY your nails this is yours to uh certainly doing this later you’re taking this home just camera in the nails and I’d rather do. So you hammer the nails like three things here this from the dollar store nails all around take the string and then you just literally go crazy with a loving on your door every age in this game is no wrong way it’s awesome okay i love the glue guns me out here we go this is I thought everyone’s doing these galantine. So seems to be the new trend right girls night. So I thought for girls galantine either little girls or bigger girls how about making some flower bracelet gorgeous.

So again you only need or hold isn’t that pretty right yeah. So you only need a couple things that you need ribbon different sides ribbon and then literally I got flowers from the grocery store like that five dollar beer a that nobody buys right here we have to last a couple minutes slip them off glue them on and there you go you got something pretty and fun activity okay I love this one this is. So simple every you need one of these in your life to it wasn’t hate pan. So Michaels couch again I go like crazy instead of paintbrushes making a mess it’s actually a man. So these four coasters lake coasters for about two bucks we all need greater their life that’s what we’re learning radio relax two guys everything then we took a heart trace the heart around that the har the same heart i use there because we got to reuse recycle your know braiding it for me here you did in the heart and you could give a little coaster set you know tie that up with a ribbon and give a little coaster sex I was adorable I’m not last forever you give that to your grandma she’s got that of every functioning with the wrong keys you know you can keep longer than Valentine’s Day right right and then this one I’m thinking I was thinking of the man actually for this because why is what I told of my husband’s like oh can I just get that to you now and like oh okay well sure why not is that if you haven’t got a gift for your husband or your wife yet just a cute thing get a box from the dollar store up cut out a heart yes stick it on and then put what I have no idea what’s in here well I don’t feel like I like champagne. So I put show it to France over here champagne champagne glasses but my husband likes scotch. So i’m thinking you could put scotland exactly your love that idea ah salt or whatever you like always great information from our Carla dreher. So lessons learned today paint pen in your life need it and what’s that cost you washi tape washi tape Bonita yeah karlie jo is here on BTW giving us the best possible DIY tips.

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