Hey Chelsea and it’s Becky and we’re the bad girls, and we are actually in a place that might familiar to some edgy story girls viewers this is where we posted our first post at Humber College where we went to school and we’re back doing a dorm room makeover we thought that you guys a lot of our audience is a bit overly critical so dorm makeovers are totally perfect for you guys. So we’re in an actual real dorm not just our bedrooms show you how you can turn a dorm like this into something amazing yeah or, if you guys are renting and just basically can’t drill into the wall you’re kind of you already have some base piece of a French or that you wanna just kind of jazz up this is pretty um you’re on a budget.

Because we get it this College of budget feels we get it we’ve been there yeah we have some tips for you all right so let’s go to do I so the very first day we’re going to tackle in this dorm is the wall space wall spaces can be pretty boring pretty daunting and, if you don’t have a lot of artwork this is a great way to cover a large amount of space and make your bed look really important. So we’re gonna hang some curtains here above the bed so curtain rods are also really expensive for whatever reason for easy some go of copper pipes that are actually even more fashionable in it and the number one thing that you cannot do a door makeover with out these removable sticky cups most dorm rooms won’t let you nail the walls. But obviously need to hang things these guys are your best friends is stick on the wall they come off and don’t feel any pain at all and they get pretty much paying anything. So we’re going to air our curtain rods with these large removal sticks so on top of our copper rods we’re throwing something like curtains these are ones that are a little bit sheer which is nice and the fun thing is that my codes actually really did, if I at first doors so they give you a lot of money so we’ve got our wall space covered.


But another thing that you shouldn’t forget is your ceiling space you’ve got a lot of weight going on here I wanna be something really cool with it. So you guys don’t know we have segments over on our website called cryptid vibes where every time we go to thrift store you find something super cool that you guys might be into we pull it so one of our recent finds is gorgeous black and white elf and tapestry it’s huge it’s beautiful. So we’re going to hang it up out the bed now this is a Quadra may or may not be available on our website still. But there’ll be lots of other things to go check it out link below so since we’re still nail with how we’re going to hang this tapestries a combo of these cute little binder clips and these sticky removable wall tucks we’re going to put one of these clips on each corner of the tapestry and then hook this onto the sticky wall all right now that Becky’s finished with that side I’m going to move on to the desk our plan for the desk is to use these amazing grids that we found again at the third store this is another thrifted find, if you have ten of them so they definitely up on the website, if they’re still available and we’re going to attach these grids they’re super in right now and you can like they’re like a new bulletin board right we’re going to also add the DIY neon sign that we made super trendy and it’s going to look so good in the storm okay our desk area is looking great and now it’s time to tackle this huge white wall they were going to do par like a beauty space over here so another good tip instead of hanging these off the nails you can stack things to give them height that’s what we’re going to do with with this awesome kind of I think blonde or even type grid that’s also came from the thrift store.

So we’re going to throw that down here and we’re going to stop our plain white mirror on top I feel like this mirror is a dorm staple everyone is own would have use in their lives. But a great I’ll turn them instead of hanging it off and Thor like most people do is stockist and this grid also serves another awesome space saver and much like the wall grids did you can hang anything off this grid and that’s we’re going to do with our high oh how cute is this and the other type that really adds to making a dorm room feel very homey is bringing in your own lighting. So we’re going to hang this DIY copper pipe geometric light practice at our mirror and as another addition to our beauty corner we’re going to hang up everybody’s favorite DIY copper pipe jewelry tree okay. So we’re very lucky that this dorm room has some closet space that we don’t really need this rack.

But we’re also blessed. But having a capsule wardrobe of just a few select pieces hung up on a rack is actually super in right now so that’s what we’re going to do right here okay so this is how you can do to a blank door like this or a blank wall it’s super inexpensive it’s super easy. So we just have some electrical tape or you can use washi tape anything that’s going to kind of be temporary on the walls so all we’re going to do is kind of two short pieces of the tape cross them so they make a cross and then we’re going to put them on the door in a nice pattern so, when I was in residence I had these like dollar-store hooks on the back of everything like on the front and back of every single door so pick yourself up some of these hang whatever you need to on it it’s going to be a life saver so duvets can do a lot in terms of room personalization. But they can also get really pricey which makes no sense to me it’s just a lot of fabric so to see you guys the money we show you how you can DIY your own duvet design we made this white one with some black super chic geometric triangles and we’re going to throw that on the bed right now and here’s quickly how we did it for a custom triangle duvet we made a stamp out of a block of wood and some foam we had lying around the office since our foam wasn’t the thickest we cut out multiple the same shape to make our stamp a little bit thicker we attached each layer to the wood block using some hot glue make sure you test out your stamp before putting pen to paper or like stamp to fabric we loaded up our stamp with some fabric paint and painted it onto the stamp this will give you a much cleaner result rather than stamping the stamp in paint we chose a queen duvet in white this one was on sale for only $29 we laid the entire thing out measured 10 inches down from the top and use some tape to mark our line all the way across from then on we drew lines 13 inches apart.

Because our triangle is 13 inches tall so the rows of triangles will all be 10 inches apart repeat until you’ve reached the bottom of your duvet next we took a sharpie and measures 6.5 inches in from the edge and added a mark on the tape and then measured 13 inches and added mark repeat the measurement of 13 inches four more times in total this row will have six triangles on the next row we measured 13 inches from the side added a mark and repeated four times this row should have five marks which equals five triangles next you can get to stamping load up your stamp with paint and give it a solid even press stamp where your mark is on the tape repeat just below every mark all throughout your dabei it’ll dry fairly quickly and from there you can peel off the tape make sure you set the paint by ironing it and you’re all good to wash and sleep away how do we feel guys oh my god do we love it. Because I love it I love it there’s lots of DIYs in here lots of little tips and tricks like plants and thrift store finds and like little things that can help you make your dorm room your own something that we didn’t say was you can also rearrange the furniture that’ll make it different than anybody else’s room in your drawer and everything in here that was the DIY will be linked below. So you can learn how to make them yourself as well, if you guys have any other tips for anyone who’s moving into college please share them below we love to share the love and the knowledge here on this blog yeah.

And I get along this stuff goes with your store and, if it’s still been thrift advisor it’s like it will be linked below and go check that out for sure alright thank you guys so much for reading let us know what kind of posts you want to see for back-to-school um dorm hacks see how it’s related anything. Because we’ve been there and this is nig me miss college so much by the way I wish I had a dorm again you know I don’t want to leave it’s crazy, if you liked it make sure you like it any love make sure you said that now see you next time bye.

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