Hi guys my name is Kelly, and we are the bad girl and Sandra Joyce a little bit different than what we normally do we’re gonna do a thrift and flip for you guys. So we are going to go into our favorite thrift store and find something for under $10 and we’re going to totally transform for you guys stay tuned.

Because we don’t know what it is I don’t know how it’s gonna turn out well later so good and it does cost a lot and we’re excited to spend are you guys alright let’s go oh my gosh I want this it’s mine it is now my hi okay so what we ended up getting was this tray which is like totally an old like vintage breakfast in bed tray super actually practical. And I could use one of these for like a laptop stand or one you know the bf bring me breakfast in bed which happens so often never and then we also found this random pineapple decor piece that you can start things in. But like love it and leave it the way it is it’s awesome. But we’re feeling very inspired by this pineapple thinking some like beachy vibes.


So we’re gonna transform this stand for you and turn it into something super chic alright let’s go see what we can do alright good. So we think we want to do a golden green theme goes on the back green on the front. But we want to prime it first. So that the paint sticks.

So we’re going to head outside and give it a coat of primer on the front and back so once our tray is all primed and ready we are going to do a core screen on the top and in gold on the bottom. So we’re going to go outside with our green spray paint and our gold spray paint and give it a coat okay so now our tray is nice and painted it’s green on the one side and put on the other side looking really good and. So I can match it up for kind of one to do like a pineapple thing. Because pineapples are really cool and that’s not a reason ladies.

So we have this awesome machine called a silhouette which what it does is it like laser cuts out images. So we use this kind of gold foil like sticker paper to cut all these pineapples so, if you don’t have this machine don’t worry you don’t really need it you could totally use it exactly you can cut on your own pattern or just get awesome stickers or to do the stencil and some gold paint whatever you’re feeling. So we’re going to use these kind of handmade gold pineapple stickers and use them as a pattern on our tray so I’m just lining them out to see how spaced I want them to be so again I’m just going to push down the middle pieces that I want to stick. Because there s is going to be peeled off I just want to make something with this.

Because it’s so pretty I just want to like put this on my wall so while it is pretty tedious it obviously is turning out amazing I’m very excited. So we’re just going to repeat this wall pineapple stickering process until we have a nice beautiful goal pineapple pattern. So we have all our pineapples done. But obviously some of them kind of go off the edge.

Because we’re making a bigger pattern. So we’re just going to cut up any extra little bits. So we have our amazing pineapple design on our tray now it’s pretty much all done what we’re going to do now is just take this which is a like clear shiny sealer coat of spray paint and school rub it in a couple times just to lock it all into place and it’s done all right so there it is well then we’re really happy with how it turned out, and we thought this post was really fun we think that we totally took this like a 60s tray that was what like how much was it like $2.99 $2.

99 and it looks so expensive now we keep thinking that’s a bear like urban outfitters yeah like urban outfitters do you sell this low probably is my cat yes they’re super stoked have this is home to frame we hope that this inspired you in some way to go into a thrift store and see things in like a new way and, if you guys do like this series make sure you let us know in the comments below. Because we are thinking about doing this again so, if you liked it let us know and yeah give us some suggestions like the theme you want us to do we can go places with this guy I know I love like it was really fun I would love to do this again so. So you guys liked it as well and another thing is you guys should make sure you’re following is on our new bad girls Instagram at the same girls DIY I don’t know why it took us so long to just do this we had our own personal instagrams like forever, and we just kind of kept it that way. But we kind of realized that we really wanted like a nice the Soraa girls official one that was very like curated oh and which is nice yeah artsy pictures of this up we’ll make it make sure you go follow that right now.

Because we would love to see you there yes and you’ll see this guy over there too and, if you guys ever want to take us in anything that you make on Instagram and you don’t want to do our personal accounts you can now take this account yes at the store ago so yeah my so much easier before you guys are tagging both of us. And I’m like I feel so bad. Because it’s like two of us. And I know it’s so annoying exactly so hope to see you guys over there as well I thank you guys so much for reading this post and, if you liked it like it and, if you love it love it and we’ll see you next Tuesday hi guys.

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