Hi everyone my name’s Abby, and we are the scigirls we were back doing more thrift clip we have another one and so long and it’s about time whoa okay so today we’re at the thrift store we’re shopping yourself that’s gonna work for like holiday Christmas we honestly don’t really know. But we’re gonna go see what we can find and then make something amazing out of it we are yeah okay let’s go maybe we can do something with oh hey we’re back.

So we picked up a bunch of little things so there wasn’t one like huge thing that we wanted to do yeah. So we have a bunch of little things that we’re gonna make tree ornaments out of we got this necklace we can see, if we can do anything with it some little teacups this is definitely not a deer really well I think it’s an antelope. But we’re gonna make it a deer yeah we got this book I think that you know I’m gonna origami or like just yeah we can figure something out with a book um a good old toy truck and some classic CDs that we have a plan for we also have this little snow globe which automatically is kind of just wintry let’s split these up and start ornamenting thinking what am I on mounting or amending anything alright so the first one I’m gonna start with is something you might have seen already. But I such a cute idea it’s the little cars that have a Christmas tree or like presents in them it’s really fun, if you know someone that loves cars too it’s a great gift so I’m gonna take this little red truck and give it a little Christmas tree in the back like it’s coming home get up a tree I’m gonna make the house look snazzy so behind me I have some folk Arland.

And I think I’m just gonna use a piece of that as my tree and try and shape it into a Christmas tree we’ll see how that goes all right. So I think I’m gonna just try and trim it so it’s more like pointy has that make sense give the tree a little haircut just reshaping all shape your eyebrows more like shave your Christmas trees. So I added some twine to look like it’s holding my tree in place and some fishing wire through the window. So I can hang it on a tree, and we turn this third store a truck into an adorable Christmas ornament all right so I’m going to take these cute little I guess they’re more like espresso mugs.


But they kind of just look like baby mugs and we’re gonna do some designs on them and make them into cute little ornaments okay I’m just gonna use a sharpie. Because this is just an ornament we’re not actually drinking out of this and just do a little design once the designs were done I just took some all-purpose foam sealant that we actually left over from our unicorn Frappuccino Halloween costume. And I kind of just made this giant whipped cream swirl which is really cute this might take a little bit to dry and this is definitely not edible. But it looks really cute and then I just tied on some ribbon to the handles in order to hang from the tree so next up we’ve bought a book from the third store that we thought we could do something cool with.

So we’re gonna use the pages of this sizzling best-seller and fold it in some really cool tree ornaments so I’m thinking to do a paper crane, if you don’t know how to make one all they get tutorial for you below. But I’m gonna make one right now and then we’ll get your enemy okay so our list for crane is done and he’s very very cute so the last step is I’m going to put some fishing wire through a needle and just string it through the top. So I can tie a knot and hang it on the tree looks great, and we also realize you can do this out of regular newspaper or a regular paper, if you want we’re at the thrift store, and we need it through our stuff so for the next ornament I have a song I think it’s an antelope. But we want make it into a cute little deer, if you guys have seen last year’s post we took a whole bunch of animals from the thrift store and made them into ornaments so this time we’re kind of doing a similar thing.

But we’re gonna go a couple steps further. Because we’re actually changing up the type of animal so the first thing I’m gonna do is trim this guy’s antlers and his tail. Because a deer has completely different antlers and a short tip next up we’re just giving him a coat of white paint and then I’m using some bakeable modeling clay to make some mailers so our little antlers are out of the oven and they look really good so first I’m going to paint gold accents I’m gonna paint these gold gonna paint the hoos gold and the nose gold maybe the tail before i glue these on and while the gold bits were drying i just added in an eye hook. So that we could hang it from the tree and once the gold antlers were done i just add them on with superglue it’s really cute.

And I think that we need to start a new trend where we antler, if i like every animal that would be really cute i think that that needs happen you just got a alert okay next up we have our little snow globe. But it’s actually not that snowy so i’m gonna paint the bottom of it white to give this little piggys cold kind of a snowfall makeover our little snow globe has been winter of fied. And I added a little ribbon on top to make it hang upon the tree it’s so adorable okay next up we’re gonna take a regular tree ornament and turn it into a disco ball ornament using some old CDs now the first step is to cut up your old CDs and before you do that make sure you’re wearing safety equipment just. So we don’t get any CD bits and our eyes are going it doesn’t like that safety first guys the CDs we found at our lovely thrift store or good old Christmas CD a album that no one asks for on their phones and good old Smash Mouth oh okay let’s get to cuttin oh my god I thought you once told me that you can make a disco ball out of a CD and you need the sharpest scissors for this project oh my god that’s what I’ve been in are you somewhere post oh yeah shopping CDs next day from our post shut up guys, if you haven’t seen that post okay so now that you have a pile of little disco squares cut out from your CDs just start gluing them and rings around the ornament okay so my little ornament is done and it’s actually really cute and really impressive, if you want the mirrored effect to be tighter you have to cut your square is smaller.

But that’s also gonna take you longer to do and just note that this took about three CDs to make this little ornament so just note that, when you’re buying CDs next up I have this necklace and it’s giving me like snowball vibes so things you do something with that I’m gonna use some cardstock to make a base. And I’m gonna kind of build this little pile of snowballs. So I made a little sign out of a mini popsicle stick and a little piece of wood that we had I use a hot glue gun to glue down some faux snow just to the effect and then I cut up the necklace and started piling up my snowballs in the end it’s really cute why is everything miniature like so damn cute I just don’t understand I hope you guys enjoyed that post that’s so fun budget just like we don’t use the word craft very lightly. Because we think that ours are like not craft.

But this was like super crafty and that’s okay anyways, if you liked the post let us know below um we still have lots of Halloween mmm who’s Halloween she we solve lots of Christmas content coming up guys so stay tuned stay commentd being commentd making a little shout out also to the post blog yes we’ve been there post miss what anyway you should go check out the post blog – it’s uh you get some fun behind the scenes yes definitely alright guys, if you liked it make sure you give it a like and, if you love it make sure you seven well see ya bye.

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