How are we gonna use a crystal some Tupperware a PVC cap and a selfie light to make a lamp or that’s find out hi everyone my name is Abby. And I’m from and today we’re going to make a crystal lamp. So we kind of got inspired by this I mean crystal lamps are super popular like Himalayan salt lamps and also I’ve been wanting to do this like edge lamp it’s not the same thing.

But it’s also an interesting lamp idea so let me know, if you want to see something like that and maybe we can do that DIY in the future. But today we’re going to be using some selenite to make a lamp selenite is a mineral crystal aimed after the goddess of the Moon I think these are things I read it also has like body healing powers and reduces negative energy and also apparently has telepathic capabilities, if somebody else is holding a crystal as well which I just happened to have another one here in fact, if you want to test this how how we do this did we rub it like a genie lamp carrying I think of something okay hold on I think was only you have to think of something to think of something. So that I can think of what you’re thinking yeah I’m thinking of a place come on you’re thinking of Vegas Santa Monica California maybe that doesn’t work okay well we’re still gonna make a pretty sweet lamp out of this guy and you can actually pick these up from like the rock or mineral stores kind of sometimes you have in your city you can also we’ve seen them at home two core stores as like you know like decor items and they’re also online which we can link below so go to the hardware store and got a PVC cap from the plumbing aisle, and we just made sure that our crystal would fit inside of it we also picked up this selfie light off of Amazon and it has a little button on the back to turn on so I’m gonna drill a hole into this PVC pipe. So that I have a way to turn off and on the selfie light next we want to create this like inset piece of plastic that will attach to the bottom of the selenite.


So that it kind of sits in here nicely and can’t really wobble around. So we decided to do this out of Trevor. Because we have this line the office from previous DIY so I’m just gonna go ahead and trace the size of this on here. But really I need kind of like the inside cook.

So I can sit inside of my little tube so I’m gonna have to trim it up later. So I have my Tupperware little circle cut out here and it fits inside of my cap perfectly so the next step we have some frosted glass spray that we’re gonna spray onto the plastic just. So that it disperses the light and it creates a nice kind of like glow at the bottom of the lamp and while that dries I’m going to paint our PVC cap with some gold paint so our base is painted, and we have our frosted little plastic circle here so next up I’m going to glue our selenite to our little frosted piece here and to do that I’m going to use some good old blue all right. So we have our little bass flute on here and now it’s time for the final assembly.

So we have our selfie light which we grabbed online. But you can also get them like that malls and stuff since this is kind of like on this angle we’re just going to add you can really use anything that you find that’s the right height we’re just adding this little clothes peg that we have. So that it sits flat we’re just gonna add some of this like removal velcro that’s sticky. So that we’re able to take this out.

But it stays in place, when I put it in here and we’re just gonna want to make sure that the button lines up with the hole and we’re gonna have the whole selfie light centered and then the final step is to take to your crystal with the frosted piece underneath and place it into your cap which is now your base, and we are blessed with a really nice light and this Loft. But you will see this a little bit stronger at night, when it’s dark in the room it’s nice mood lighting through the crystal and there we have it it’s pretty cool what you can make was kind of just like different things from the hardware store or online definitely let me know, if you’ve any other ideas of like what you could do instead of the crystal Beck. And I were trying to brainstorm this like with the selfie light base like what else you could put on it you know have you guys seen those like moon ones like the big circular moon sphere that could be interesting thank you guys so much for reading this week’s DIY we also have more postings we’re posting three times a week now on Thursdays Sundays and Tuesdays so make sure you comment. So that you can see all of that content and hop on over to Instagram and follow us and always make sure you tag us hashtag circle squad, if you make any of our DIY.

So that we can see them and maybe real repost them, if you guys like this post make sure that you give it a like and, if you love it make sure that you said it and I’ll see you next time bye you.

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