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Permathene’s gabion kits provide a long list of benefits: they are cost effective, can be delivered anywhere in Australia, and they arrive flat-packed and ready for assembly, allowing you to source your rock locally or fill it with recycled material you already have on hand. Because you only see the outside layer of rock in a gabion cage, you can use cheaper rock or even recycled concrete and brick to fill the inside. Gabion cages also have excellent drainage capabilities. Most retaining walls fail because of hydrostatic pressure caused by water build-up. Gabion cages are unique because they allow water to drain freely between the rocks, reducing this pressure and leaving the wall undamaged. Traditional interior design ideas Permathene gabion mesh is of the highest quality and you have the choice of three mesh types. Galfan Plus is a coating system comprising 10 per cent aluminium and 90 per cent zinc over steel wire. Permathene Galfan Plus 280GSM mesh is made in Australia and has excellent durability, even in coastal areas. Then there is stainless-steel gabion mesh manufactured to type 316 marine-grade guidelines. The third option is a USA-made PVC-coated gabion which incorporates a galvanised steel wire that is primed and fuse bonded with a powder-coated PVC. This is the maximum-protection gabion and offers superior performance in severe environments where the gabion is in contact with salt water. This type of gabion is supplied in roll form. All Permathene gabions meet ASTM (American standard test method) 974-97 for welded mesh gabions. As more people discover the versatility and benefits of gabion walls and more products appear on the market, ensure you only buy the best-quality materials. While some gabions may be cheaper in the short term, they will age poorly and will need to be replaced. Visit the Permathene website to find out more about the company’s premium-quality gabion products and explore the endless possibilities for using gabions in your next outdoor project.

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