Top Five Design Mistakes

Hi I’m Karla with Kelly design and this is decor with love TV. So I have something really important to share with you there are five mistakes that you’re making in your home yes you are I’m talking to you and I’m going to share the most common five mistakes I see in home design okay. So the first mistake you’re making in your home is rug is too small yes I’m guessing that most of you your rugs are too small. So what is the ideal size for rug and this is such a common mistake I see and also one of the most commonly asked questions I get. So your rug size ideally you want all the furniture to sit on it and that looks fantastic and the reason you want that is it really opens up and makes the room feel larger now before you panic I know that that’s not possible for every room or for everybody.

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So what I actually done in my own home and what most people do is that you get a rug that just the front legs of the furniture sit on it. So in front lengths of your couch front legs of your chair all sit on it it really expands the room and opens it up I also suggest with your rug when you’re debating on what size to get is to tape it out first and this will know if you’re going to get a 5 by 7 and 8 by 10 and 9 by 12. So rug size definitely one of the most common mistakes and common questions I get and usually yes your rug is too small okay mistake number 2 your coffee table is too far away in your living room or family room. So I know you’re all looking and thinking now my coffee table too far away most of the time it is and the reason is is that if people have couch and chairs and get a coffee table which is usually not huge they want the coffee table to be accessible to the couch and the chairs and in most places even small spaces this is not always possible.

So what I suggest is make sure that your coffee table is near to your couch that you can put your drink on or your book on near your couch and then if you’ve got a set of chairs have a side table but don’t worry about your coffee table being accessible to that. So my tip here is move your coffee table closer to the couch and again it’s just one of those common mistakes I see third mistake that I see is art being too small this is probably the one I see actually most often is got a couch or bed and then this little tiny piece of art above it and it really just doesn’t work. So with your art again the same thing is the rug bigger is better. So a couple suggestions for this say over the couch if you’re going to go for a print go for a really large print and if it’s not really large be okay with grouping it a gallery wall is a great idea but doesn’t even have to be a gallery wall it could just be three different pieces of art together that kind of fill that space you can even go larger than the actual couch which I love that look.

So if you’re doing a gallery wall extend it out into the side tables the same width above your bed but when it comes to art bigger is better but if you love something and have something for sentimental reasons and it’s smaller obviously keep it just group it with like things common mistake number four your curtains it’s not right it’s not right it’s not right. So the reason it’s usually not right is the rod is hung really low and there’s not enough curtain. So the rule of thumb with curtains is you want to hang the rod as high as possible the reason you want to do this is it actually makes the room and the window and the ceiling appear larger when you do this. So go I say as high as you can go and another rule of thumb with that is between the door frame and the ceiling if you go in the middle is a good spot but I say if you want to go even higher do that the other thing is get double the amount you think you would. So instead of getting a panel on each side double that.

So get two panels on each side it just adds more dimension and Lux to the room and again makes your window appear larger and design mistake number five I’m seeing and I hope it would offend anyone with this one but is buying things that are new but look old now this has been a trend for a long time and I love the idea of mixing vintage into your decor it really adds dimension these birds for example are something I found at thrift store I love them they’re vintage piece and I love doing that in design but what I’m not loving lately and I think is sort of gone by is new pieces that are made to look old they just don’t have the character and soul that they need to have. So if you have those pieces again don’t worry about it but if you want to inject some vintage and some old soul into your place actually go up to the flea markets and the vintage stores and hunt those true treasures down. So I hope these tips have helped and have inspired you maybe to make a few changes and follow a few of these rules that really do help create a space that you love. So if you like this post I’d love it if you could like it comment to my channel for weekly posts and make sure to share with your family and friends.

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