Tile Flooring Ideas

Tile Flooring Ideas

Replacement floorboards

Although floorboards are usually 18mm (%in) thick, check the thickness as well as the width of your boards before ordering replacements and specify these dimensions as ‘planed all round’ (PAR) to the supplier. When calculating the length of timber required, bear in mind that each replacement board must run from joist to joist; the nails holding the boards down indicate the position of the joists. If a large quantity of wood is needed remember that new boards are about 4m (13ft) long, and offcuts may well be too short for practical use. Over-order by about 10 per cent to be safe.

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Sandpaper for sanding machine

Estimating how much sandpaper you will need to sand a room is not critical, as the shops that hire out sanding machinery will also supply the paper on a sale-or-return basis. You will need more of the coarsest grade than of the finer grades; five sheets of grit 24, and two each of grit 40, grit 80 and grit 100 should be sufficient to sand 30 sq m (36 sq yd) of pine floorboards in reasonable condition.

Paint and stain

It is difficult to be precise about paint requirements, but you will require 2-2.5 litres (about Vi gallon) for each base coat for a 30 sq m (36 sq yd) floor.

It is difficult to estimate how much wood stain would be needed to cover the same area as much depends on the type of stain and the porosity of the wood. As a rough guide, however, 1 litre (K gallon) should cover approx. 1020 sqm (1224 sq yd).

Varnish and floor lacquer

To seal a 30 sq m (36 sq yd) floor area you will need approx. 2 litres (‘A gallon) of oil- or water-based varnish per coat. Floor lacquer does not spread quite as far 3 litres (% gallon) will be required per coat

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