Fermi’s was very special with the lyric project that we for the first time targeted not than many people as we do as a tahina but actually the many animals well I was very happy when I get involved in this project I was always waiting the moment that the Care brings pet articles into the range. Because I know there is a need in the market of well-designed products. So I was really really happy and, enthusiastic about the idea to be part of this big project it is quite important for a kids you have a pet range that fits into our normal furniture range as a pet owner I can say. So far the normal pet products are quite ugly. So it’s quite nice to have well-designed and, good quality products for this family member as well. Because I love my work most of the times when I when I develop something I do it with a lot of emotion and, I put off all my heart on it on this it was. So special. Because finally I can do something for them and, and something for for the many dogs or cats in the world.


So I was I was just very very excited I am. I’m very happy that the kid I took the decision to to started selling products for pets and, I hope that many families can really enjoy and, and the most important part of it is to spend time with eight bits. Because they need to spend time with the owners this is something that it’s very important in the relation between pets and, and people it was quite important to separate between dog needs and, cat needs and, that is also where I contributed in the project to consider cat needs a little bit differently in the sense of cats need special textiles smell is quite important and, they want to have it cozy and, sometimes dark and, closed off while the dog is happy to lay over yourself on the sofa the cat might need a separate area close to you. So that is where I think we have developed the range even more to separate that are just not to call them pets but to have dog products and, cat products and, some products and, actually can be used by both dogs really want to be physical.

So if you kind of really can cuddle and, hug their the dog is it gets extreme happened they they want that more than they say good dog they don’t of course you can say you can do both they can say good dog etc but you should always gonna be physical with a dog with a cat it’s not really the same way of course cats really enjoy if you pet them. So there’s been research I also where to actually put their pet a cat and, the favorite areas is where the cat has these pheromone glands in the sense. So it’s a machine and, on the base of the other ear I love my my dogs. Because I feel like they are the ones the only ones that can really take me to the present whenever I have. I’m a stress or whenever. I’m half I don’t know my head full of thoughts I just go and, spend time with them and, suddenly everything stopped you.

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