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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I’m going to show you some super easy ways to decorate a beautiful table. So for us Canadians Thanksgiving is just around the corner if you’re American and you’re watching this you’re going to get a head start of some great easy decorating tips. So my first tip is addressing the table and I’m going to say something a little different usually the typical thing is to put a tablecloth on it and you absolutely can do that but I’m going to say let the table show through this is actually my table at home and it’s a marble table and i love it and i want to show it or if you have a wood table that you love again you could show it. So i think a great solution that works for thanksgiving is a table runner and again you don’t have to go out and buy a table runner you can get something simple like this which is actually just a piece of burlap you can get it at your local craft store or your local dollar store and it just to me says fall it’s got texture to it it’s got the colors to it and it’s super easy to put down on your table. So tip number two is creating your super easy centerpiece do not go out and buy a really expensive flower centerpiece you don’t need to do that you basically will have everything at home or a small trip to the grocery store.

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So what I did is brought out a cheese plate that I already had and a close you could you look at things like cake plates or jars of things or bosses that you have and then put things like fruit in them you could put apples you could put pairs I put small pumpkins and squashes you could also put your candlesticks out or I put little tea light holders. So use what you already have to create moments for your centerpiece tip number three is your place setting again I don’t want you to go out and buy a new place setting but if you are going to buy one thing it would be a charger. So I loved these I kept my old place settings but I defy these chargers now if you’re really handy you could probably you know go cut down some trees or wood to make these but I love this but you can get any kinds of chargers anywhere now a white or a gold or black would be really fun but then I just went into my cupboard and use the place i already have plain white plates will always work and then I had something a little decorative. So again use the place you have at home and if you’re going to do one purchase go for the charger. So tip number four is name cards now not everyone wants to do a name card but I kind of think it’s fun at Thanksgiving especially if you have kids I know my kids love this as well.

So a really easy easy way to do it which I did was a little pumpkin and then got these little name cards at the dollar store at your craft store that literally cost about ten cents and write the name and tie it with some burlap some other ideas you could do is actually go out and just take a leaf and tie it with the same thing you could have a cinnamon stick or just something that you have at home but it creates a little added touch to your place setting tip number five I’m going to say is just simplicity which is kind of been a running theme of what I’m saying here but I’m going to say simplicity with the nap kit because i have over the years seen and tried to fold napkins and do all these kind of fancy things but i’m going to tell you and share with you what I love best is just fold it like this into a rectangle and lay it on the plate and put your little place card holder on top it’s really cute it’s modern it’s fresh and it’s easy tip number six is to add your personal touches and I think we’ve done that with this table but I just want to give you a few extras if you want to go the extra mile I think you could do things like these little pumpkins we put his place cards you could spray paint them right pane of gold that would be fun you could add glitter to them kids would love that one thing we did do here is a little DIY is we got court board from an office supply store we cut out a picture of a leaf traced it on the corkboard cut it out and these are our trivets for all our food that comes out on thanksgiving.

So just to recap the tips to make a beautiful thanksgiving table first instead of your traditional tablecloth think about a runner second your centerpiece keep it simple I say use some fruit to end and pumpkins from the store and candles and already things that you have your plates go use what you already have in your cupboard and if you’re going to spend the money spend it on something fun for the charger name cards again something really simple you could use a leaf or a little pumpkin like we did napkins I love simplicity just fold into a rectangle put your name card on top and then add personal touches like we did with our little DIY trim it I hope you guys found this helpful if you did I love it if you could like my post if you could make sure to comment and share it with your family and friends.

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