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10 Small Walled Garden Design Ideas

The state had used consumption as a way to motivate people to be better workers, but there were limits on what the population would accept. It was obvious to the average Yugoslav that such apartments were not within his or her grasp. That the

10 Small Square Garden Design Ideas

A certain percentage of the population in Belgrade opted to deal with the housing crisis by building illegally on the periphery of the city. The majority were workers between the ages of twenty-five and forty-six, migrants who had ar-rived in Belgrade from elsewhere in

Apartment Landscaping Designs

Apartment Landscaping Designs Friezes The band of decoration along the upper part of a wall and immediately below a cornice is known as a frieze. In recent years, this area seems to have been reserved for stencilling or embossed wallpapers, if it is decorated

10 Small Garden Design Ideas

10 Small Garden Design Ideas Tips for Drying Flowers 1. Flowers picked to be air-dried should be as perfect as possible and moisture-free. 2. Flowers for drying should not be picked too early in the day. Let the warmth of the sun evaporate the