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At the 1954 meeting in Sarajevo, Finci also made a number of recommendations on the technical dimension of housing production that, to a large extent, reiterated the points made at the Congress of Architects in 1950. Interestingly, he incorporated references to numerous Western authors

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Buildings of importance would be located in the band delimited by the artificial lake and the northernmost boulevard. On either side of the boulevard, buildings such as banks, a post office, restaurants, department stores, and of-fices would be located. The remainder of the area

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The state had used consumption as a way to motivate people to be better workers, but there were limits on what the population would accept. It was obvious to the average Yugoslav that such apartments were not within his or her grasp. That the

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Had the projects been of generally high quality, the damage would at least have been minimized. However, the report criticized most of the buildings as poorly thought out or improperly realized. Of the four building types that were built, projects C and D were

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The discussion went further than merely establishing the various moti-vations of rogue builders, further suggesting that there were different types of builders. Borko Novakovic, professor of urban planning in the Faculty of Home Design at Belgrade University, noted that “wild construction” (divlja izgradnja)—a term