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European construction techniques were brought to America from the 1500s to the 1800s. Most buildings were less palatial in America, using local materials, including limestone and granite that were abundant in northern and midwestern areas of the country. When stone was available, it was

10 Room Design Ideas For Bedrooms

A new age was dawning—the golden 1960s. Already, by the mid-1950s, the authorities had hinted at an impending shift of priorities—a new emphasis on raising the standard of living. At first, this shift seemed to finally enable Bel-grade’s town planning office to realize its

10 Small Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Louis I. Kahn, Salk Institute Laboratory Buildings (1965), California, ground-floor plan of central court and loggia, lower terrace and fountain at left Salk Institute Laboratory Buildings, lower terrace with fountain and seating, and view to south wing of scientists’ studies Salk Institute Laboratory Buildings,

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Interior Design Small Bedroom Making a Roman blind Prepare the heading board using a length of wooden batten 5 x 2.5cm (2 x lin), and as long as the blind’s width. Paint it the same colour as the wall or window, or wrap it