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Direct Heat — The heated water from the boiler is provided directly to the heating system. The boiler cycles on every time there is a call for heat. This system is common for space heating systems. Indirect Heat — The heated water from the

10 Design Ideas For Small Bathroom

Precast Concrete Precast concrete is poured, reinforced, and cured offsite. Furniture, concrete masonry units, and industrial objects such as culverts are all precast products. Building construction components of precast concrete are poured, reinforced, steam-cured in a factory, and then shipped to the site and

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Decorative concrete masonry units that are most often used on the exterior of the building may be carried into the interior. These units are meant to be exposed. The designer should work with the architect to select a color to coordinate with the interior

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Wallpaper Wallpaper is made from wood pulp mixed with chlorine dioxide and oxygen, which separates the lignin from the rest of the wood pulp and bleaches the pulp. Wallpaper made for commercial use is different from wallpaper made for residential use. The differences are

10 Bathrooms Designs Ideas

Especially evocative of the past is the Xystus complex (pp. 270-1) at the eastern end of Inter-Junction City, in which subtle veils of translucent polycarbonate have been used to give a reassuring modesty and shelter to residential thresholds, while infusing the entire street with

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At the same time, urban planning in Europe’s socialist states was distinctive from that which took place across the Iron Curtain, and this for a number of reasons. Lydia Coudroy de Lille and Gyorgy Enyedi point to a number of crucial distinctions that played

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“BROCHURE & QTDESIGN SERVICED Write or telephone for Marston & Langingerâs 50-page colour guide to the design, construction, and furnishing of conservatories. You can arrange an appointment with a designer at your home or at our showroom near Sloane Square, where you can see

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On coastal Alabama: âœMy family has been here since the early 1800s. Itâs one of the most beautiful places in the world. I love the breeze, the smell of wisteriathe sunsets, especially. Thereâs nothing like them. And the water here is so calming. Every