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Small Bedroom Cabin Ideas

RECREATING VINTAGE APPEAL A new plan was born, one w’hich would fool onlookers into thinking the old place had merely The upstairs bunkroom makes efficient use of space, with bullt-ins under the roofline. been refurbished. The new home would sir on the old footprint,

Small Cabin With Porch

LIVING THE LIFE Thanks to his fine craftsmanship, the Hincheys’ cabin boasts exquisite detail and is a lasting tribute to the man wrho built it. The homes old-fashioned decor, combined with its breathtaking views and come-on-in ambiance, lends an irresistible charm. Comfy leather sofas

Small Two Story Cabin Ideas

8 TIPS FOR SITING YOUR DREAM CABIN To properly site a retreat, cabin owners should: • Verify access to utilities and whether the land is served by septic or sewer. • Make the lay of the land a partner in their design. • Allow