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According to Urbanism Commission member Suica, urban planners should do their best with the information they were given and should remain optimis-tic about their chances of realizing the plan. “The only way is to build quickly,” he argued, such that the Town Planning Institute

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Decor For Small Spaces How to Rag Another easy technique is ragging. For this you will need paper toweling, a cheesecloth, or a terry washcloth. Try each on a painted board coated with glaze to see which texture you like best. Twist and roll

Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces Washing unlined curtains Unlined curtains can be washed, a proci not advised for lined curtains because the c ferent fabrics shrink at different rates, sensible idea is to pre-wash the fabric so any shrinkage happens before you make the