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Kitchens and Baths Concrete has been used in recent years for specialty items such as bathtubs, sinks, and I avatories, and especially as countertops. Concrete countertops have become “do-it-yourself” projects for homeowners. When constructed by professionals, the concrete surfaces can have a highly crafted

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Most photovoltaic systems use flat cells of silicon that have been “doped” with an additional electron on one side and one less electron on the other. Photons strike and excite the extra electron, causing it to “jump” to conductors embedded in the cell, where

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It is important when considering COP Decorating Gallerys for heat pumps that the electrical energy required to run the circulating pump is often excluded from these Decorating Gallerys, making them look more positive than the reality in use. In North America, GSHPs are often

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ALTERNATE USES OF STONE Resin coatings are used to protect stone, especially the polished finishes. These are used often in residential kitchen and bath design where the stone will have water used on it daily. Composite stone is a general term for a combination

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Mechanical Systems: Electrical Generation In the short space of a century, electrical energy has gone from a rare novelty to an absolute necessity. For lighting, heating, refrigeration, communications, or work-reducing appliances, electrical energy is ubiquitous in our homes. Homeowners wishing to make use of

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CODE REQUIREMENTS Interior designers must understand and apply government regulations that affect the way they design. These regulations include zoning ordinances, building codes, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Some jurisdictions have incorporated environmental requirements into their local regulations. For instance, some publically funded

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Units vary in how humanure is handled. Some use heat and/or evaporation to rid the chamber of excess urine and water and speed the composting process, while some retain and process all material. Mixing or stirring capabilities, misting sprayers, and rotating trays are options

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ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT According to Edward Mazria, founder of Home Design 2030, an organization established to address the climate change crisis, buildings have a greater negative impact on the environment than does transportation or industry. Buildings are responsible for nearly half of the energy consumed

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Belgrade’s predicament was shared by other cities in the Socialist Bloc. All the Eastern European socialist states contended to some degree with a housing shortage in urban areas, resulting from increased urbanization, limited investments in social goods, and the inefficiency of the state-owned construction

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Home Ideas Designs Show Houses for Inspiration Show houses decorated by top designers provide another excellent source of inspiration for your own decorating. The rooms often highlight the skill of the interior design professional at solving the common design problems that many of us