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Over the next few days, as the details of the attacks emerged, I guess I was so shocked that I was unable to wrap my mind around the enormity of the disaster. While I felt empathy for those who had died, and for their

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At the same time, these similarities should not overshadow certain distinc-tive aspects of the Yugoslav experience. As Markovic, Kulic, Mrduljas, and Patterson have argued, Yugoslavia’s geopolitical and ideological positioning in between the liberal, capitalist West and the socialist Eastern Bloc had profound implications for

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The meetings continued in September and October of the same year. Here the focus was on informing the general public. Informational gatherings were held, targeting primarily the inhabitants of local communities, the employees of various enterprises, and consultative bodies. Meetings were also held with

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Social scientists in Yugoslavia played an important role in criticizing modernist urban planning, following a similar pattern as in the United States and Western Europe. Sociologists like Herbert Gans, in the United States, and Peter Willmott and Michael Young, in Great Britain, had drawn