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10 Best Homemade Home Decor Ideas

The combined total of the energy required to extract, manufacture, ship, and dispose of aluminum over its lifetime results in the highest embodied energy of common building products. Alcoa, a major producer of aluminum, acknowledges the environmental impact of its product. To improve the

10 Home Decor Crafts Ideas

Even though we haven’t started our renovation on Ruby’s House, we still think it is beautiful as it is. It has one of the most intact primitive early Utah adobe brick exteriors we’ve seen. It is a great example of mature trees enhancing a

10 Arts And Crafts Home Decor Ideas

Even though Skyline was built in the 1800s, we didn’t necessarily want to make it a High Victorian cottage. We decided to take a somewhat Spanish approach to the design to pay homage to the town of Springville, Utah, where the home is located.