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A lifelong passion for gardening also needed to be met: thus, a reasonable area of land was imperative. Being part of a sizeable family, Jane Stevens required sufficient space to accommodate visiting relatives and friends but, at the same time, she certainly didnt want a house that might feel empty when she was on her own. After the seemingly ghastly false start, Jane Stevens walked into the library and through a small door leading into the garden, and there it all was. She was bowled over.

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There in front of her was an almost unbelievable sight: a magnificent garden within old brick walls plus acres of lawn, mature trees, and flower beds stocked with a mass of interesting and unusual shrubs and plants. For full measure, there was also a small lake with water coming from a crumbling old paper mill at one end, flowing via a waterfall into the river with the gorgeous sounds 1, 3 and 4 Views of the dream house and its enchanting country garden.

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