Spring Crafts for Kids

For now if you’re at home a joint spring break looking outside they’re really created inside that’s like elevators in this bed oh thank you routing me yeah we break is here in this kind of weather we need to get crafty and creative. So I took this to my board of directors my five and eight year old board of directors and which critics goes through madison top standards and i got for approved the show yeah one okay. So the first one is about creating like a little garden at home. So even though it looks like this outside you can create a little garden at home all you need is the terracotta pot and then they went to michaels and got some different colored yarn and glue and basically all you do show you here take the glue glue around the terracotta pot take your string fold it on and start twisting around and you can do tons of different colors you know get creative and the good thing is it takes them a lot of time as a parent you wander to really respond I really big pot like I go to my little five year old aziz little for me was with your. So cute but yes it takes a long time and then you can flatten out fur or succulent or yeah this one was approved super keen easy and it’s not that’s.

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So good yeah great start here now you’re bringing the color I bring in the color okay this I think is my favorite DIY ever which is a really safe in the program and I know. So I feel this is really I putting it out there these when you go 5 30 sore something very expensive but I made these with just a paper bag that is all you need for our reserves were ok. So as long as you have a paper bag that has what is called a Gossett on it I look just learn this and I’ve got color paper bags for Michaels but you could just use brown paper bag and all you’re going to do is live action here cut you cook the go through cuts Augustus and you just cut the corner ok.

So we’re cutting the corners. So you’ve got a shape like this yeah you’re going to do that six times we walk there is there is well it’s alright perfecter doesn’t need to be perfect double sided tape okay this them on. So now you’ve got sick together oh my television watch the magic okay the magic is sort of part of her disorder you can see where I’m going with that you can see where it takes a little time what you can create is a flower like been beautiful any of you cut out a little black circle is the other just to do you end on okay see us go to gravity our gossip news paper bag great sex offender for the volta moving along you don’t need snow globes just for Christmas we created a spring glitter globe look at this. So cute she was a queer there’s always some glitter always some glitter and with kids you have all these little things like I don’t love these little security. So why not make them into a keepsake or they can make these and give them as gifts that would be good. So all you do is glue in a figurine on to the top of the mason jar and then I’ll get you to do this you’re going to add some glitter into the jars they’re suppose but just as a little squeeze in if anymore a single marker that’s good and then a tiny drop of glycerine now this is the trick you don’t want too much glycerin tiny drop and what do you the go through a little bit as well. So that this sprinkles don’t all go to the bottom.

So that they do the snow globe of fact even distribution of glitter yeah this is a glycerin yeah first nine different soon I put penguin upside down yeah okay okay okay of course it’s really good okay we’ve got a big wingspan you’re calling my stop sitting in up and buried else he’s doing okay almost there I know it’s drizzling everybody the guy hold on we’re all different and then he creates this right we already get the idea lastly i’m bored tree. So you can get breast from outside or the local florists you get your kids to decorate as we decorate them with little pom poms and then put these little tags on here like write a letter to grant to read your book draw a unicorn and when they say im bored on spring break that come to the truth. So they’re doing hey watch George George alert ok with magic. So we don’t know look at that that’s has been useful thank you thank you this one I hope everyone get cracking Korean of the spring break I’m go on go get some groceries your line.

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