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It’s always fun to have you on because creativity is at the forefront you’ve got two kids yourself I do four and seven year old and it’s a long spring break this time is weak. So we’ve got to come up with some activities for these kids five boredom Buster’s let’s turn to our left okay. So the first one and all these things again super easy to get go to your dollar store things you have at home okay. So these are crafts either you can sit down and do with your kids if you want or just give them the supplies and say how about or how fun and you get time for a cup of coffee or something this first one is a dream catcher. So yeah remember those back in the day remember then be much smaller but feels her again. So this is an embroidery ring you can get this at the dollar store but again if you don’t have that you could probably use just a picture frame. So i didn’t broidery ring parchment paper should probably have a wax paper and some tissue.

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So have the kids cut up a little fun with the tissue take some watered down paint and paint over the wax paper parchment paper put your tissue on go over again with the glue in the water let it dry and wall up a little at work of art for the room for gift yeah nice you get the personal in touch right here at chap we’re going green with the kids love this in this cute using the eggshells I’m not cute yeah you’re go on make a frittata for dinner for sure using this one. So what you do with this obviously by your eggs take your egg. So the technique is a little tap at the top and it’ll come off actually quite easy because I was worried about that but all good. So then you’ve got your dirt fill it with dirt and your seeds plant whatever you want in there and then what I did was just took some stir sticks and some my favorite washi tape to label what you’ve got and what’s great is that the kids will actually be able to see this grow in the next two weeks.

So and when you’re done with it because it’s an egg you can transplant it right into the gardening in the egg we’re cultivating a group of just button for the culture oh it’s amazing touch though we’ve got some flowers here too we got some power yeah we’re on the nature theme scavenger hunt. So and you don’t have to be out hiking in complete nature to do a scavenger hunt i’m thinking like you’re walking to the store and the kids say i don’t want to walk i don’t want to go give them each a bag I just got these free printables off the internet and make it fun no get them to collect the whole list of things right here see the dog collect the leaves get the flour and then is the second activity I think when they come home get them to create something look with what they found. So get them to play the sticks and leaves and create a little project of that. So it’s like a two and one I like what you’re doing you keep them active. So then naptime is still part of the sisal oohed Lee and then yeah have your timeout during spring routine for sure I was saying whatever this concoction is and you’re go on tell us this is like stress relief for the adults just a hole just to squeeze what is this ok this is goo this is go and I had to bring this in because honestly kids go nuts for this. So I thought it’s sort of educational kind of like a science experiment ok what you do is you just take a cup of water you take a whole thing of glue I can smell that you smell that glue and a teaspoon of borax and if you don’t have more house you can use cornstarch and condensed milk I’m not sure all the reasons why but it will work apparently and food coloring. So if you want to meet you could make all different colors with this. So you just mix it all together and then it starts to form and it gets before it forms into this it gets super gooey and globby and like the kids go nuts with it and it’s not that that messy because it does form into things we love to do we only have about 15 seconds left with boredom Buster on the end here oh man i’m bored mom i’m bored great go into the boredom jar we’ve got things well you can pick one and see good to see what you came up with you now have a picnic in the backyard go kids there you go up a bit here you go.

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