Spanish Home Design

Spanish Home Design

Hardwood Is Hardy

Even after a century of adapting to weather cycles, hardwood products keep the strength and good looks they had when they were new. During the winter your skin needs a little extra attention and so will the hardwoods in your home. Here are a few tips:

1. Store tabletop leaves near the table itself. Never store them in a damp basement.

2. Avoid placing solid hardwood furniture directly in front of radiators or other heat sources.

3. Don’t expose finely finished surfaces to constant direct sunlight.

4. Make sure boots and shoes are free of snow, salt, and outdoor debris before walking on hardwood floors. Use mats inside and outside all entrances to your home.

5. Solid hardwood furniture looks best if it’s dusted weekly with a soft cloth, and waxed or polished every six to twelve months. Follow the grain of the wood.

Better Furniture

Solid hardwood furniture is growing in popularity. Many young people are discovering better furniture lines such as those from Heywood-Wakefield or Herman Miller. They are really noticing construction quality, and they want solid furniture that’s built to last. Manufacturers are responding to the changes in consumer tastes with new lines of furniture. This represents a significant departure for a high-end industry that has been dominated by veneer construction for many years. This difference in construction methods gives solid hardwood furniture a distinct edge in durability.

Heywood-Wakefield, founded in 1826, is enjoying renewed interest in its solid hardwood furniture of ash, maple, and birch. While the company’s original pieces are commanding top dollar in antique furniture shops, newer, less expensive Heywood-Wakefield products also are gaining recognition.

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