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Getting into Steam Baths.

Open any home decorating magazine and youre likely to see a bathroom so beautiful youll wish you were a towel. Youd be able to hang out there all day.

Thats how I feel about my bathroom. Part of the master bedroom suite, it features custom cabinetry, monorail lighting, custom-cast concrete counters, and a spectacular vessel sink made by a local potter. But my favorite amenity is the tiled steam shower, which includes a bench for relaxation, a glass block window to bring in natural light, and a clear glass door to make the space feel larger. Once it fills up with steam, I dont want to leave.

4 Prefabricated steam rooms take the guesswork out of constructing your own steam bath. Acrylic seats are molded into wall panels, which interlock with an acrylic ceiling to create a watertight room.

My bathroom even though it occupies a relatively small space required extensive planning. There were several months of just wishing and longing, followed by a couple more months of serious planning, and concluding with a few more months of actual construction. But it was all time well spent. Indeed, if you plan your steam shower installation with such close attention to details, youll wish you were a towel, too.

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