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Removal devices for hot tub covers come in a variety of designs to accomodate different types of spa installations. They all, however, simplify the task of removing and replacing the cover.

exposed portion of the spa, rather than struggling to remove the entire cover. Fortunately, a host of spa cover removal devices on the market make the job of removing and replacing a spa cover as easy as opening and closing the trunk of your car. A cover removal device also helps you properly store the cover so that it doesnt rest on the ground, where it can become distorted or punctured.

Basically, all cover removal systems simplify the handling of the cover. Beyond that, they break down into three general types:

Low-end units composed of wood or metal support arms at the lip of the spa. The arms may or may not be retractable. You fold the spa cover and push it onto these support arms. They hold the cover in a flat position. To replace the cover, you simply push it back over the spa. These units require the most clearance the width of a folded cover of all spa cover removal devices and offer no mechanical assistance, except that the cover doesnt need to be lifted off the ground to be replaced.

Units made of steel or aluminum thatmountto the spa cabinets rear or sides. The cover is folded over a support bar, from which the cover hangs as it is pulled or pushed behind the spa. These units typically offer gas spring assistance and require up to 2 feet (0.6 m) of clearance.

Units made of steel or aluminum thatmountto the top of a spa cabinet or deck. The cover is folded over a support*bar, from which the cover hangs as it is lifted to an upright position, creating a wall or privacy screen. These units typically offer locking gas spring assistance, so they wont blow over in the wind, and require practically no clearance, making them ideal for use in gazebos, up against walls, or in other tight locations.

Colored LED underwater lights allow you to change hues to match your mood, from peaceful blue to sensual red.

Within each type are further differences worth noting. For example, some systems attach directly to the cover, thereby reducing wear and tear on the covers vinyl hinge. Aesthetically speaking, some units are more visually appealing than others. Some basic wood units tie in nicely with spa skirts, and powder coating on several metal units gives them a finished look.

In the end, a cover removal device will make life easier for you and encourage you to use your spa more often. And anything that entices you to use your hot tub more often is worth consideration.


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