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If you have a small space but you don’t want to sacrifice style then stick with me because I have the top 5 tips in creating a beautiful small space design tip number one is measure measure measure and this really applies to any space but particularly a small space. So a couple tips on this is you want to actually measure out your space and then I suggest drawing it out a good way to do this is on graph paper. So you could draw out the space then the actual furniture you’re putting in is going to have all the dimensions online. So get those dimensions and then draw it on the floor plan or you could draw it in a separate piece of paper cut them out and actually move it around if you want to get really technical once you kind of figured out what you think is going to be the best layout for your small space I didn’t want you to actually tape it out in the room.

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So it’s great to be able to tape out the rug size the couch coffee table and you’ll be able to see the movement you have around it and if it works okay just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you have to buy small furniture please don’t buy a little itty bitty furniture you can get regular size furniture just make sure it fits with your four plan of tip number one to measure if you’re in an apartment you’ll want to measure the elevator to make sure your furniture will fit in there but in my home which is a very small space I actually have quite a large sectional and it fits great it works really well in the room what I’ve done to offset that in the space and is actually if able to fit a large sectional and two chairs but the chairs are very light they’re open they’re airy they don’t take up a lot of visual space. So remember just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you have to ask my furniture tip number three is think about a round coffee table that’s what I did with my small space the reason was if the coffee table is fairly small. So it gives lots of room to actually move around the space another thing that I’ve seen lately that I absolutely love is instead of a coffee table is taking two small side tables and putting them together they don’t have to match it’s actually better if they don’t match another way you could do this is have a proof and a side table. So you can put your food on there you can put a tray on the proof you can move them around.

So this is a great way when you’re adding a regular sized furniture that we talked about in adding your coffee table and your side tables make those a little smaller. So you can walk around the space tip number four is your rug and I’ve talked about rugs before and I’m kind of passionate about it because I see this happen all the time or the rugs are too small particularly in small places but bigger is better with rugs and especially in small spaces because the rugs will actually it’ll define the space and it’ll make it appear larger. So when you’re measuring make sure to measure out how large you can get the rug ideally if all the furniture can be on that’s awesome but if not just the front legs the furniture is great as well I also think the rug is a great way to add pattern to the space that’s what I did in my small space was I kept the furniture quite neutral and even some of the accessories and added the punch and the graphic and the power in the rug and my last tip for your small space and probably my favorite.

So I kind of love all these tips is mirrors mirrors in a small space are going to work really well in my small living room I realize that actually have three mirrors in one room I have a mirror behind the couch because it really reflects the room and that’s what you see walk in I have another mirror that’s behind one of the chairs and then I have a mere cabinet over on the other side and mirrors just do wonders especially when you’ve got windows near them and for your small space and you want to create that light airy look they are your best friend. So remember Adam years. So just to recap how to decorate your small space is first you want to measure measure measure second thing I want you to think about is regular sized furniture in the room third is either a round coffee table or two small side tables the fourth tip is your rug make sure you have a rug that’s big and defines the room and the last tip is mirrors everywhere and to help you get started decorating your small room or really any room I’ve created the checklist of the five things that I know every room needs and I use every time and you can link to it below if you found this post helpful please like it.

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