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As The fourth largest state in the U.S., Montana draws land-seekers from all over the country. After all, the “Last Best Place abounds with miles of wilderness and pristine property for sale. Yet, surprisingly, when Montana residents Julianne and Sean Hinchey set out to purchase a lot for their weekend retreat, they had to wait several years for their dream site to materialize.

We had our hearts set on Lake Five, explains Julianne, describing a tranquil community in the foothills of Glacier National Park. “Unfortunately, there are only about thirty cabins or so on rhe lake, and it’s really hard to come by property there since most people have had rhe land in their families for years.

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Though nothing surfaced initially, Julianne and Sean didn t give up. They had fallen head-over-heels in love with the area and with each other during their law school years, when they often visited Sean’s family, who had a place nearby along the Flathead River.

The couple wrote to every landowner on Lake Five, requesting that they be notified should anyone wish to sell.

What could be dreamier than waking up to the sounds of nature and your very own lakefront view?

Costs for building on a steep lot can quickly escalate. A narrow footprint can help less material will be needed while still providing great views.

Though ir didn’t happen overnight, rhe Hincheys eventually received a call. They jumped at the opportunity to own a picturesque lot with about 200 feet of lake frontage. The couple opted to keep a trailer on the site for a few years while they planned rheir dream cabin.

“We knew we both wanted a log home, though for different reasons,’ says Julianne. “I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, and my family had a weekend lakeside home that I loved. My husband is from California, and he was just psyched about the whole rugged log home thing.”

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