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Summer is the time to be up here to enjoy the lake,” Janelle says. The Langs don’t miss our on the opportunities at their doorstep. Favorite warm weather activities include fishing, swimming, and riding the pontoon boat through the chain of lakes. “1 can’t think of a nicer way to enjoy the beauty of nature than sitting out on a dock overlooking the lake,” says Janelle, “or watching the animals, or walking in the woods. It’s just a very relaxed, comfortable lifestyle. 1 tell you, every day Fm thankful that I get to live in this beautiful place.”

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These days, it can be hard to get the entire family together, especially with the couple’s daughter now living in California with three of their grandchildren. But everyone tries to come for the Fourth of July week a prime time to visit, given the usually beautiful weather. Christmas is also a joyous occasion at rhe cabin.

When the snow flies, the Langs don snowshoes or go snowmobiling. “Up here, it is a winter wonderland,” Janelle says. “Being in the Northwoods is fun at any time of the year.” Until, that is, the temperatures turn frigid. During the coldest months, these snowbirds nest in the Florida Keys. But soon enough, they return to what Janelle calls their little piece of heaven.” Randy echoes the sentiment, “Thev do say,” he remarks, “‘heaven has a dock.’ ”

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