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Thanks to his fine craftsmanship, the Hincheys’ cabin boasts exquisite detail and is a lasting tribute to the man wrho built it. The homes old-fashioned decor, combined with its breathtaking views and come-on-in ambiance, lends an irresistible charm. Comfy leather sofas in the living room invite cabingoers to kick back and enjoy views of both the fireplace and the majestic lake. “It’s exactly what w’e envisioned and more,” says Julianne.


The home’s decorating style complements its traditional log look. “We wanted to make it feel like an old-style log lodge but on a smaller scale,” she explains. “Its old-fashioned chinking, divided windows, and other details make it feel like one of the old lodges in Glacier Park, as if it has been here for a hundred years.” Given a special finish, new fir flooring took on a patina of age. Fir cabinetry in the kitchen is offset by slate counter-tops and an island topped with a copper overlay.

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Family pieces, such as a 1960s solid wood dining room set that belonged to Julianne’s mother, and the great room tables made by Julianne’s grandfather from monkey pod wood (a tropical hardwood native to Haw’aii), lend a vintage look. Old and new’ come together in the master bath, where traditional log chinking vies for attention with the eye-catching shower tiles. A gray slate floor adds additional texture. The roomy apron tub was a must-have for Julianne.

Whether they are hiking, fishing, or simply sitting on the deck, the Hincheys know’ they have created a place where they can always unwind. I hey love spending Christmas there together. “It’s just so quiet because no one else is around, and it seems like we have die w’hole lake to ourselves,” says Julianne. “It’s like having a great big yard for hockey, skating, and more.”

From the living room you can sit back and enjoy the views of both the fireplace and the majestic lake.

Old and new come together in the master bath, where traditional log chinking vies for attention with the eyecatching shower tiles.

“As lawyers, we lead somewhar of a hectic life, and our cabin provides grear solitude and relaxation for us,” she explains. “When we arrive, our shoulders immediately go down and we feel much better. When we w’alk our on that deck and rake in the view, it’s like being in heaven.”

As rhe Hincheys sit and gaze across l ake Five, they can’r help but think about their quesr to find land, rhe fine craftsmanship of rhe late Bruce Jungnirsch, and rhe grear memories they have created at their weekend retreat. Julianne sums it up best, saying, “It really is a dream come true.”

A Montana couple settles into their retirement cabin in the foothills of the Rockies.

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