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A new plan was born, one w’hich would fool onlookers into thinking the old place had merely

The upstairs bunkroom makes efficient use of space, with bullt-ins under the roofline. been refurbished. The new home would sir on the old footprint, yet be enlarged by 20 percent.

With a great deal of planning and plenty of documentation, the character of the old place was recaptured. “We used the same roof pitches, rhe same gable,” explains Smith. “We took pains to recover details, such as the eave returns.” The new porch features a pair ot replica columns, with latticework between them. New window groupings are similar to the old, and the chimney rises in the same location. “So many people have said, ‘We’re glad you fixed it up,”’ SVA’s project manager Jason Gaddis notes with a grin.

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The kitchen was moved to the lake side of the house for the expansive views.

The look and feel inside the new summer home Is in keeping with the paneled aesthetic of the traditional camp it replaced.

The new fireplace was built with stones from a nearby quarry, and the mantel was made from wood salvaged from an old Vermont fly-fishing rod factory.


Starting from scratch allowed the architects to design a more modern layout than would have been possible In a renovation. “The old floor plan was squirrelly,” adds Smith. “And the sequence of entering the house had not been well thought out.” The new version provides for a mudroom, and the location of the staircase was adjusted to save space.

The living room was recreated almost exactly, down to the cased wooden beams and the window pattern. But instead of facing the road, the new kitchen has sweeping view’s of the lake.

The new home pays homage to the paneled, traditional camp it replaced. Yet all the exposed wood and painted beams can make a house appear dark. So rhe new design includes a subtle lift of the ceiling height in the kitchen and on the porch. Fixed transom windows added over several interior doors pull more daylight into the rooms.

The bunkroom upstairs was rebuilt for the two Freeman children plus two guests. Each bedroom has new built-ins under the steepest parts of the roofline, “utilizing space that was wasted before, Smith explains.

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