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Guests often join in the Malcolms’ favorite activities of hiking, paddling, and pedaling. Theres whitewater rafting in rhe Nantahala Gorge and canoeing on the French Broad River. Bill thrives on thirty- to fifty-mile rides with cycling buddy Tom l-awton.

When the Malcolms are not exploring the countryside, this civic-minded couple volunteers at the Swrannanoa Valle)’ Christian Ministry in Black Mountain. They also take an active role in the Crcston Property Owners Association.

Both are keen gardeners. From the kitchen window, rhe Malcolms can admire the intricate fairy garden they created out of plants and rocks. There are wee fairies, of course, and tiny cottages. “1 think up here people believe in fairies and folklore,” says Phyllis. “Its mountain tradition.’

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Certainly, there was a happy ending for this fairy-tale cabin. The recession may have temporarily derailed the Malcolms plans, bur the three-year delay is “part of why were so happy with the house, says Bill “We looked at the plans for a good couple of years. During that hiatus, architect and client continued to swap ideas, move walls on paper, and generally analyze every comer.

I here’s nothing wc would changc, or wish wc did this or that, Bill states.

“We love our house,” agrees Phyllis.

As local folks drive west on a summer’s day along Vermont’s Lake Fairlce, the gables of a vintage camp house comc into view. Although the road is paved now, the view is much the same as it appeared on a picture postcard from 1918. The same broad porch overlooks the lake, and the chimney still pokes from the center of the rooflinc.

However, the house that stands now on the pristine bank is actually a clever reproduction,

“The comment wc get most often is, *It looks like it’s always been there,’ says Tom Porter of G.R. Porter & Sons Custom Builders. Porter was part of the team that built the “new old” home.

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