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They come ready-packed with the most glorious flowers. All you do to release them is buy, plant, water and… bulbs your uncle! The magic starts to happen the moment you plant them in cool, moist soil. Showroom interior design ideas First come the roots, then as autumn glides into winter the cooling soil triggers changes inside the bulb. The leaves start to expand and push through the soil toward the sun. A few weeks later, the first flower buds begin to rise. You watch them grow bigger and fatter, then one fine, cool morning youre greeted by your first flower. Its what youve been waiting for since autumn and its just the start of a weeks-long display, as one type of bulb after another bursts into bloom. –² 1. For a burst of pure luminous yellow in spring, daffodils can’t be beaten! Plant in full sun in cold areas, or give them a little filtered shade in warmer zones. 2. Like most bulbs, tulips are at their best when massed in clumps. Plant groups of the same colour for impact, either single shades, or bicolours, as here.

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