Accessorize It

Your spa offers years of enjoyment, but the fun and excitement grow exponentially when you begin to add accessories into the mix.

Like frosting on a cake, accessories take something thats perfectly fine the way it is and kick it up a notch, enabling you to experience the item in new and innovative ways.

Think about your car for a moment. Sure, you could have settled for a stripped-down model that would have transported you and your family from the supermarket to soccer practice just fine. But notice how much more enjoyable the ride is and how many more things you can do with your car when you begin to add accessories everything from CD and DVD players to hands-free telephones to roof racks that carry your bikes, skis, and canoe. Well, the same thing goes for your spa. Youll encounter an endless stream of delightful possibilities when you begin adding accessories to your hot-water oasis.

Like so many accessories that impact our lives, we often dont know how much we need them until they are brought to our attention. Over time, the most popular accessories become standard equipment and are no longer viewed as an add-on purchase. We saw this happen in the automobile industry with automatic windows, air-conditioning, and airbags. In the spa industry, many accessories are becoming indispensable, too; many more appeal to individual whims and fancies.

Cover Removal Devices. Covering your spa when its not in use is smart for several reasons. A cover safeguards the water when adults arent present to supervise, it reduces evaporation, it lowers heating costs, it helps keep the water clean, and it reduces the rate at which sanitizers dissipate in the water. Any one of these reasons should convince you of the need to cover your spa. However, a spa cover is heavy and can be unwieldy to move. In such cases, some people simply fold open half of their spa cover and enjoy only the

A Top: A pop-up television screen enables you to watch a movie or cheer for your favorite team without having to leave the tub. And a remote control allows couch potatoes to be hot-tub potatoes, too. Middle: Retractable, waterproof speakers are a great way to surround yourself with relaxing music. Bottom: A sheer waterfall adds drama and relaxing sounds to the hot tub experience.


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