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When designing the cabin, items topping Lindas wish list were a large, inviting living room and a luxurious master bathroom. But the couple wanted to keep the size of the home to a minimum. Bachofner knew that meant that the kitchen would have to be small and practical, yet still warm and inviting. “The end result is a cozy cabin look on the outside with a classy great-room feel as you step inside,” says Bachofner. “It’s a combination that is seldom achieved.”

The ladder leads to a sleeping nook above the kitchen.

The metal on the front of the kitchen counter was salvaged from an old barn. The stools were a gift from a friend who sells vintage goods at a local vintage store.

The cabin is bursting with vintage furnishings and appliances, like this stove.


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The 2,160-square-foor cabin comprises rwo levels. The main floor (1,080 square feet) features a spacious living room and a master suite with French doors rhar open to a porch. A generous ensuite bathroom boasts a fireplace, daw-foot rub, and four-foot-long, wall-mounted sink. The glass shower has a pebble floor and wall tile rhar resembles reclaimed barnwood.

Above rhe kitchen is a sleeping nook accessible by ladder. Tine area was originally designed to be closed oft and used for storage, bur Linda wanted to optimize sleeping quarters. Once we have grandchildren, that exrra bed will come in handy,’ says Linda. “Right now, rhe odd nap gets taken up there.’

Because of the cabin’s small footprint, it was important to use space efficiently.

So instead of closing oft the upper walls with drywall, they asked their builder for cupboards reaching to the ceiling. This space above closets and laundry could store seasonal items and unsightly electrical wires.

The original design didn’t call for a walk-out basement. But the Valentiners realized after excavation that because the site is on a hillside, they could double their square footage and create a guest suite large enough for a bed, bath, office, and kitchenette. “It’s designed like a studio/old-fashioned hotel room,” says Linda.

This Is the interior of the one-room cabin on the owners’ property that was modeled after a trapper’s cabin.

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