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So why does some rooms you walk into just have that wow factor and some rooms just kind of fall flat. I’m go on share three tips with you to give you that wow you can implement right away. Ok so tip number one is a focal point. You’ve probably heard this before but it really is true a room needs a focal point. So when you walk in a focal point is that something that says wow look at that. So one of the biggest or my most favorite focal point ideas is art. So something that’s bold something that’s fun that stands out in the room another idea of a focal point of course if you have a fireplace that’s a lot of times could be a focal point in this room that I’m go on show you the homeowner has a beautiful fireplace but instead of actually making the fireplace the focal point what they did was have a huge piece of gold are beside it and to me when I walk in that’s what my eye sees and so that’s what I create as the focal point. Tip number two is shape.

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So when choosing your furniture and accessories think in complementary but opposite shapes. So what do I mean by that in this example that I have the homeowner has a really square couch so to offset that square couch they chose an oval coffee table another way to think of that if you had a square room in your dining room you might want to go with an oval table so think shapes think things that complement but think things that opposite as well.

And tip number 3 I’m actually giving you two tips in one here is pattern and texture. I think when you have pattern and texture in a room it goes up about a thousand notches and you’ve probably heard me if you’ve watched any of my posts talk about this before so what I mean by pattern texture well I’m kinda sitting and surrounded by it here with pattern this place was quite a neutral place so we put this chair in which has a bit of pattern in it and it just adds a bit of character. Also to the chair we added, and you’ve probably seen this before I mean this is one of my favorite home items is a mohair pillow and again this adds texture so think in opposites if you’ve got silk maybe add knit if you’ve got linen add fur it really adds dimension and like I said brings up a room so remember to create that WOW room think a focal point think shape and think pattern and texture. I would love to hear which one of these you plan incorporating in your room please leave me a comment below if you like this post.

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