Radiant lights Bali home design

Based in Bali since 1998, Marc Le has nurtured his passion for wood since a young age. He began his artistic career by teaching himself the exacting craft of cabinet making, and then became an antique-cabinet restorer. Much later, he started to design cabinets and other one-off wooden furniture pieces before finally turning his creative skills to lighting accessories. Today the artist owns a company, aptly named Radiant, and he almost exclusively designs and creates lights and lighting designs. Working with the remarkably ductile yet resilient local merbau or ironwood, and glass, he takes the classic lamp to new heights. Finding inspiration in contemporary sculpture as well as in art deco, Marc Le’s collections are versatile, sensitive and subtle.

1. “Yoyo”, a simple rectangular table lamp. with a home-produced moulded glass diffuser

2. A large “Rayo” halogen standing lamp with clean refined lines and art deco influences.

3. These small “Diago” lamps on a wooden base can be totally disassembled. They are made of two tensioned stripes of wood curved and mortised together.

4. The “Pyramid” table lamp has a white and green cone-shaped diffuser, made out of a pyramidal homemade blow mould.

5. This collection, “Sequence”, comprises table lamps in different shapes and sizes. They are of a wooden structure. and combined with laminated glass, which acts as the diffuser. The artist fondly labels them “Modern Asiatique”.

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