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In the coffee lounge, clients can sit down and have a cuppa, then ponder over the many, enticing options. “This is where we sit with our guests and go through their requests and expectations,” explains Paulina.

Palacina also offers design services for homes, hotels and offices, as well as advice on how to improve or renovate existing spaces. But don’t expect this showroom to look the same in a month’s time. In the constantly evolving space -as trends and decor climate changes and as items are purchased, new products replace them.

Palacina makes sure that with each change, they retain their classic quality while offering the best of what modernity, in the heart of Kilimani, can give.

African print is fast becoming a beautiful fabric to work with. It is no longer confined to the clothes we wear but it’s is slowly making its way into our homes and offices as a fabulous option when it comes to interior decor. Words by Irene Ouso. Pictures by Courtesy

PrJnt fabric from around the continent come in all sorts of vibrant colours and patterns: Kitenge, Ankara fabric, Indigo cloth, Mud cloth, Lesso fabric. Africa has so much to offer when it c. mes to fabrics. What’s amazing about it, there are colour and pattern combinations literally in the thousands. There is something for every taste.

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