Pictures For The Living Room

Pictures For The Living Room

How the Patterns are Produced

One or two instances may be given. Square or angular patterns may be produced by dragging the surface with a sponge or brush, manipulating it with a painter’s scraper, or stippling it with a coarse brush, such as a scrubbing brush, which is given a half or quarter twist as impact is made with the wet surface.

One quite simply produced texture is obtained in the following way. Take a brush of any kind so long as the bristle part is 5 or 6 in. wide. Beginning at the top left-hand corner, drag the brush down the wet surface for, say, six inches. Immediately below this, execute the same motion horizontally. Below this, again use the perpendicular motion. Thus, by dragging the whole surface in alternate squares downwards and across a complete weave pattern is produced. One or two other textures are shown in our illustrations, but endless variety is possible, and this kind of surface decoration is not only in great vogue to-day but it is not difficult of execution, and is extremely fascinating.

Finally we come to the matter of asbestos sheeting. This material has come into increasing vogue during recent years for the surfacing of ceilings and walls instead of plaster.

It possesses certain advantages, one of which is that it is not affected by conditions of heat and cold, but it has one manifest disadvantage, especially when new, in that it contains a considerable quantity of alkali which is very harmful to paint, as it attacks the oil and causes it to saponify, with very objectionable results. No form of ordinary oil paint can be safely applied to asbestos sheeting unless the sheets are at least twelve months old, by which time the alkali will have “weathered ” out.

If, for any reason, some immediate decorative treatment is imperative, a first-class water paint is the best material to use, as it contains very little oil to be affected by the alkali, and, even if it does not stand perfectly, the damage it receives will be comparatively slight. Moreover, the water paint will be a satisfactory basis upon which to apply either further coatings of a similar material or oil paint at a later date when chemical reaction has ceased and a more permanent result can be expected.

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