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So it’s that time of year the good weather is upon us and it’s time to decorate those patios. So stick with me as I share some my favorite ways to creating a beautiful outdoor space first thing is you want to think of zones. So just like you do in your indoor space you want to think of zone for your outdoor space. So what do we mean by zones we mean if you have the room for it are you going to have say a lounging area are you going to have an eating area or maybe you have a little coffee nook you really want to think about what you’re doing in the space and then create zones around that my second tip and to get into the decorating is to create the zones don’t forget about runs put rugs that are indoor space we can also put them in our outdoor space.

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So for example you could use a rug under the dining room area you’ve created outside or you can use it under the living room area my third tip is be a little more bold outside. So everyone says bring the indoors out and I really believe that but I think it’s also an opportunity for us to create space a space is little different from our indoors or try something new within our design. So maybe adds more color maybe add more pattern or maybe you go for a completely different style maybe you go a little more boho or freestyle with your outdoor decorating.

So have some fun my next tip is textile. So I’m always talking about pillows and textiles I know but don’t forget about them outside there are. So many great pillows and textiles that are made for outdoors that are on the market today and decorate it like you would be inside and my next tip in decorating is side table. So we forget about side tables and coffee tables again this is bringing the indoors out think of it how you would in a living room have a place that you can put the food on a side table for the drink and my next tip is lighting now in an inside room there’s like seven of lighting and I know outdoors we have the natural light but don’t forget about lighting one of my favorite ways is like the sort of twinkle outdoor string lights that you can get and these just add such ambience another thing is a lantern and you can get the candles that are battery operated they look great as well. So don’t forget about setting an ambience with lighting. So I hope this has inspired you and giving you a few tips to creating a beautiful outdoor space what I’ve done to help you out is put together a little package of some of my favorite outdoor spaces to give you inspiration and you can link to this below if you like this post I’d love it if you could like it make sure to comment and share with your family and friends.

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