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Hi I’m Karla with Kelly design eat a court expert and this is decor with love TV are you the type of person that’s always trying to get organized I know I am and not always the best at it and don’t want complicated solutions well you’ve stumbled upon the right post then because I’m going to give you some super simple organizing tips. So I’m super excited because this is part 1 of a 3 part series on organization and not only is it an organization and decluttering but it’s doing it in a way that is stylish and bring design into your home. So the first thing I loved and I loved it from an organizing perspective but I love it from a design perspective is trey’s.

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So get yourself trays and put them wherever you can. So some ideas portrays love Trey’s on a coffee table because you can put your remote magazines and other things on it tray in a kitchen is great too I know there’s all these papers and things and even card from my kids works really well in a tray tray on a kitchen table also works where you can kind of even put fruit I knew that put bruton and other things in the tray on a bedroom on a dresser a tray works well you could put your jewelry your watch and other things. So as many traces you can you can fit and find I think they work really well they look great from a design perspective and they really help the second thing I love an organization i’m giving you all the things i love with the organization that still look good is bins and especially having kids i have to kiss the bins are your friend but when i’m thinking bins I mean yes you can get plastic bins and things like that you can store in cupboards but think of bins that actually look good and display a lot of the home stores now are selling these really cool shore for 10 baskets and bins that lids on them great to put all the kids stuff in them you could put pins in your bathroom and towels you could have bins in your bedroom of course you can have a pin in your entryway.

So again this is just a great place especially if people are coming over to kind of throttle in the bin put the lid on and they can look great. So think of them beside your couch and your bathroom entryway bedroom bins are a great organization tip number three is hooks and it’s really actually on Tran to talk about this in a previous post of having exposed hooks. So we might as well go with the trend and help us organize as well. So in your entryway for example instead of having all your coats and scarves and things like that tucked away you can find some really funky hooks right now that you could have at your entryway and just hang your stuff on it and actually looks really good hooks of course in your bathroom work well think of hooks in your bedroom I use hooks to hang my jewelry and my necklace is on. So you know go to your hardware store buy some hooks you like and think of different places hanging things actually is a great way of moving that clutter off the floor and moving it up in a sort of design perspective. So I hope you found this post helpful and I provided you with some inspiration to get organized declutter but with some stylish decorative things if you like this post please like it and make sure to comment as I do produce weekly posts and also I’d love it if you could share it with your family and friends.

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